How long after giving birth does a woman feel like sex again?

My neighbors just brought home a new baby and I hear these very loud, inarticulate, non-baby-but-definitely-human noises through the walls last night . . . seems kind of hard to, you know, put the obvious construction on that . . . Wouldn’t a woman feel kinda sore for a while yet?

Not only are you sore, but you’re likely not getting any sleep and your hormones are all over the place. After both of my deliveries (c-section then vaginal birth), the doctors recommended waiting at least 6 weeks before having sex. Even at that point, I could have waited much longer just because I was so sleep-deprived. My second baby will be four months old on Friday, and we’re just starting to get back to our normal frequency (he started sleeping through the night a couple weeks ago).

Different strokes and all that, but I can’t imagine that your neighbor is having sex because she was all horny and just had to get some. Maybe she was just helping her husband out without any actual intercourse involved? Who knows.

Maybe, but I could’ve sworn I heard two loud moaning voices.

Uh… I hate to be crass, but while we’re on the subject… does giving birth mean you can’t have sex in, uh, the dark side of the moon?

I ask because maybe that’s what you heard?

My girlfriend was up for it before the six weeks was up although of course we waited for it to be safe first. It depends from person to person naturally, YMMV and all that.

If by dark side of the moon you mean back passage, I would assume you’d have to wait the six weeks. All that pounding only inches away… Besides which, my girlfriend reckoned even having an orgasm was bad for your recovery.

When I was in medical school at LA county sometimes the women in the huge OB hospital (it wasn’t a wing, it was a building) would be pregnant again before they left the hospital.

In rooms with FOUR patients with only yellow curtains to draw around the bed.

Not sure that was up to the woman’s desire though.

Most doctors recommended waiting six weeks after birth to have sex, primarily to reduce the risk of infection.

As for how long it takes before a woman *feels * like having sex again, that depends on the woman, doesn’t it? We don’t all have the same libido to start out with, and there’s nothing magical about having a baby that makes us all the same.

Circumstances can make a huge difference as well. A friend of mine had a horrible pregnancy, a difficult birth, and a colicky baby. It was *months * before she had sex again. I had an easy pregnancy, an easy birth, and a blessedly easy baby. I only waited two weeks.

That said, if your neighbors have only been home a day or two, it *is * likely that she would be too sore for vaginal sex. Anal sex would be right out as well (soreness, plus see risk of infection).

Pushkin, you should tell your girlfriend that orgasms can only ever be good for you! Seriously.

How long after giving birth does a woman feel like sex?

Judging by my parents, at least 39 years.


Are you saying they were raped?

After our son, my hormones were everything my husband has always wanted in me and I would have to say it was about 3-4 weeks.

After our daughter, between eating issues with her and sleep deprivation, it was a good six months.

I’ll add a :confused: and :dubious: The wording does make it sound like rape.

Not to put words in gabriela’s mouth, but if she is saying what I think she means, change out the word from “desire” to “preference.”

I suppose everything has happened at least once, but I’m guessing **gabriela ** was being facetious. Even if I believed that maternity ward sex is a common occurence (which I emphatically don’t), as a rule, the human body doesn’t particularly care to become pregnant within two days of childbirth.

If memory serves I think we waited about two weeks.

The hard part for me was seeing my son squeezed through that thing then having sex with it. Don’t get me wrong my ex-wife was and is a beautiful woman.

It’s just wittnessing the whole child birth thing was beautiful yet VERY graphic.

C-Section. Waited 3 weeks before we had an afternoon gentle quickie during the baby’s nap.

Mrs M. was too sore down there for about a year IIRC. It’s anyone’s guess how much longer it would have taken if Junior hadn’t been a Caesarean delivery.

We waited the six weeks, but messed around about two weeks after the birth. I wasn’t very sore at all and I don’t like to go without.

That first time after is weird…

I waited 3 months, but not for physical reasons.
Long story.

I bled for 4 weeks so certainly didn’t want to because of that. Also, for 2 weeks I was physically exhausted just from giving birth itself. After 2 weeks I got my energy back.
Every woman is different.

Mr. AdoptaMom and his younger brother are exactly 10 1/2 months apart. I would say my in-laws felt like a little hanky panky after only six weeks - IF they waited that long :slight_smile:

Um…about 40 years ago my great-uncle got kicked out of the hospital for taking liberties with my great-aunt…the twins who followed are less than 10 months younger than their older sibling. So maybe not two days, but damn soon after that. By the time the twins were born the poor woman had 4 kids under the age of two!