How long can a lasagna be prepared before baking it?

I’m having some friends over tomorrow, and I’m making lasagna. I thought about assembling it tonight and baking it tomorrow. Is that a bad idea? If so, why? My recipe does use egg. Would I be better off making & baking then reheating? The final option of course is to make, bake and serve. What do you super experienced cooks say?

Lasagne is one of those things that always tastes better the second day. If it’s not too much trouble, I’d make, just UNDER bake, and then reheat tomorrow. When I do this, I always have extra grated cheese, and a little extra sauce on the stove to serve over the top of (or under) each serving of lasagne. The noodles will absorb a lot of the sauce after it sits overnight, making it a lot more tight or dry. Some people like more sauce than others.

Also, remember this little tip: if you like the top of the lasagne soft and cheesy, cover it with aluminum foil when baking. If you like it brown and crispy, forgo the foil.

As long as it’s refrigerated, you’re fine.

We do this all the time. The prep for the lasagna is pretty time consuming, and it DOES taste better after a day, when all the flavors have a chance to mingle. So we’ll make the sauce one day, and make more than we need. Use a little of the sauce to make some spaghetti or something when we’re done, assemble lasagna and store in fridge with the rest of the extra sauce until the next day.

Never have put egg in it (ewww, WHY do people do this?), shouldn’t make a difference though.

I like it the day after too, but that was only a day after it had been cooked. I didn’t know if that applied to uncooked too.

Egg in the ricotta makes it firmer and less likely to run out from between the layers.

Matter of taste. I whip egg into the ricotta for taste and texture. It’s great. Makes it creamier.

Oh ok. When some of my relatives make it, they use boiled eggs, sliced and placed in layers on or near the bottom. Never understood or liked the eggs there, they seem horribly out of place.

Well it’s done. When I went to the grocery store, one of the packages of lasagna answered the very question I asked, and its recipe was very similar to mine. Up to 24 hours in the fridge, up to 2 months in the freezer! :eek:

Since this is about food, it’s better suited for CS than GQ.

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Oh. In that case, ick.

Now I have the urge to make a lasagna!

In my experience, it tastes better cooked, then reheat the second day than assemble, cook the next day.

I do put egg in mine, with Parmesan and cottage cheese.

Sliced green olives in the meat sauce add something to it, trust me.