How long can I store grapes?

So I made a grocery run today, as I often do on Saturdays. Being a confirmed bachelor, and not especially skilled in culinary arts, my normal purchases are meat, taters, soda, chips, frozen goods. Today, for reasons not entirely clear to me, Karana moved me to purchase a quantity of grapes. Red, seedless grapes. Cold, crisp, sweet morsels of fruity goodness. I offered one to the resident Feline Overlord, but he seems underwhelmed. He did sniff it, and licked it, but shows no herbivorous intent.

Question: how long will my grapes remain fresh and delicious in my refrigerator? They were sold in a bag, which allegedly contains a pound or two…not sure exactly how much, but it seems like quite a bunch (hehe), and I figure it may take 3-5 days to consume the lot. I’d rather they not begin to convert themselves to wine, or otherwise become unsuitable for eating…

You need this article I think.

My wife does not refrigerate Grapes but keeps them out and expects the Grape Fiend to eat them with 2-3 days. After 2 days if many are left, we will freeze them into frozen grape treats.


Hmmm…there’s an idea. I’m wondering about maybe experimenting with a blender (assuming I can find it), some ice, grapes, and maybe a bit of sugar as a homemade slushie.

Or, if I were to add a bit of rum or vodka…a vaguely grape daquirri-like substance…hmmmm…wonder where I put the blender?

Hmmm. Where is the Grapist when you need him?

Grapes last quite a long time compared to other fruit. They might start to get dessicated, and they will definitely go bad when mold forms. I always put them in the crisper drawer and forget about them for awhile, but they seem okay.

Best think I ever did was to buy a food dehydrator. Now If I have any fruit that’s starting to go soft I dehydrate it. Bananas’ going brown? Cut off the dark spots and make banana chips, soft apples? Ha! Semi dehydrated apple rings is the true food of the gods, Extra Grapes… Make raises. I put a pound of grapes in my dehydrator and let it go until they look like large dark raises (don’t go until they look like the raisins you see in the store cause then there tough and dry). They will be juice and sweet and will last in a cool dark place until time stops.

I buy grapes all the time and eat them throughout the week between grocery trips. They’ll keep in the fridge for at least that long, assuming they’re good quality grapes and not too old. As thelurkinghorror said, if they’re just a little old, you may notice some dessication after a week. If there’s visible mold on them already, it’ll spread quickly.

Frozen grapes is one of the best tips I ever came across, from a poster right here on the SDMB.

I’ll put 'em out for a day or two, then into the fridge. If they feel kinda mushy and look kinda bruisy, I pitch 'em. If yours go over the hill, toss 'em to the birds. Birds dig a grape.

Do you have a colander? I usually take my grapes out of the bag and rinse them in the colander, then let them air dry for a bit then pop them in the fridge in the colander. I think last time I had grapes they lasted about 2 weeks - including me picking some of the questionable ones off the bottom after a week.

They’re not grapes of wrath, are they? Because I know where they should be stored.