How long does it take you to recognize that a dish or food item is really, really good?

I’ve noticed in a few tv ads involving food that they will often have an actor taking a first bite, and then almost immediately making that food orgasm face. There must be actors that specialize in this, as I saw the same guy making the same face in 2 different local restaurant commercials.

Anyway, while I think I can immediately recognize the potential that an item could be a top 1% dish, it takes me at least a few bites to truly judge it. Oftentimes, any small negative thing takes some time to emerge. Meanwhile, if the item isn’t good and has no potential, i recognize it immediately.

I don’t know. Of every dish I love ( as in price or convenience is no object ) it was love at first bite, chew, swallow. Seriously.

There are other dishes I’ve come to appreciate, but the change happened over a much longer time, chiefly from childhood to adulthood. I also have to make allowances for the fact that maybe a certain dish which I disliked, was in fact due to indifferent ( sorry Mom, 'Gram ) preparation and once having the ability to try it as it’s supposed to be, yes, I liked it.

I’m in the food orgasm at first bite camp. Maybe the first bite tells me something great is going on and the second bite confirms it.

The same amount of time that it takes for me to recognize that something is terrible, or somewhere in between: one bite, or sip for that matter.

I think you have to finish the meal before you can deem it GREAT. The first bite of a bowl full of melted butter would be amazing, but if it was you’re whole meal, you would be sick by the end.

I think you have to finish the meal before you can deem it GREAT. The first bite of a bowl full of melted butter would be amazing, but if it was you’re whole meal, you would be sick by the end.

I’m a two bite+ guy. Which is why I don’t understand the one bite dish in a spoon.

One bite leaves me wanting or not wanting more. I can be convinced and satisfied with two bites, but not one.

I usually know from the first bite if I will love a dish. (Or hate it.)


Usually one bite for me, but this thread does remind me of the first time I ate at Fenton’s Jamaican Jerk restaurant in Southfield, MI. I was obsessively eating every last grain of rice and thought wow, I was really hungry. It wasn’t until the second time I ate there I realized it’s not that I’m excessively hungry, the jerk chicken, rice and beans was really just one of the best things I ever ate. Sadly Fenton died last February, and the place is no more.

I’m a one-bite man, baby.

I was in New Orleans in early March. I’d come across char broiled oysters in my research. My companions and I went to a place well know for these (Felix’s) and one bite was all it took. I knew I was going to like them but I didn’t know I was going to be wiping garlic butter sauce off the plate with my fingers.

One bite, if not one sniff.

Yeah, typically the first bite. Sometimes, I’m priming myself to enjoy something, and sometimes it takes me by complete surprise. One of my strongest food memories is eating a baguette and butter for breakfast at a cheap hotel in Paris. I was just there for a night – made a spontaneous stop there to check out the city the day before, and was kind of in a cranky mood in the morning and not looking forward to a continental breakfast. I wanted hot breakfast, dammit! What I thought I would have done for a plate of bacon and eggs. I cut open my baguette, half-heartedly spread some butter on it, took and bite and, holy shit. It’s like the angels appeared before me. For a moment, I considered that man could live on bread (and butter) alone. I never thought bread and butter could taste so good, and this was at a cheap, $30/night hotel in 1996.

If you need more than one bite to decide how good something is what do you do upon eating an amuse bouche or a petit four?

I’m in the one bite boat.