How long has it been since you had sex?

To avoid any confusion here, for straight people “sex” is defined as “intercourse involving penile insertion in either the anus or vagina”. Gay dopers can define it any way they wish, since penile insertion is not always an option. But the genitalia must be bared at some point.

It’s been about three months for me.

Four days.

Three days

I don’t have that many fingers or toes to count.

After seeing the first two posts to this thread be “Four days” and “three days” respectively, I’m regretting this thread already.

You should probably just be glad you didn’t include cyber sex and masturbation!

Wimps. You are speaking to the reigning champion of the highly unpopular celibacy sweepstakes, and let me tell you, after the first year or two, you only complain about it to keep in practice.

Damn, I am pathetic.

31 years and counting…

6 months, 10 days

Too Long!!!

Three days.

Lemme count…

About eight hours.


22 months, 1 day and 17 hours to the best of my memory.


Three days. Definitely due for a good genitalian pudding stirring, just as soon as I get done with That Time Of The Month.

Ooh, I can’t wait. woof.


Two whole long, depressing, pitiful days, man!!! I dunno if I can make it…


WOOOOOoooooooooe is me…

20 minutes :smiley:

Eight days.

On the other hand, the NEXT time probably won’t be 'til June, unless I can convince the male Porpentine that a nonsmoking transatlantic flight won’t kill him. Sigh.

2 hours, can’t you tell by the grin ? :smiley:

Hold on…

About three minutes.

By myself, it’s been a couple hours. With someone else, it’s been about six months. But only because I’m not trying. (Yeah, I don’t really believe that, either.)