How long is your hand?

I think I have very small hands for a man.

Methodology: Fingers straight, wrist bent slightly backward, using a ruler or a metallic tape (non-bending), lay the ruler over the palm. From the tip of your middle finger, to the point at which your ruler loses physical contact with your hand, how long? Male or female?

Just about 6-1/2".

Bonus – finger length:
From web between ring and middle finger to tip of middle finger-- 2-7/8".

I’m female. I didn’t have a non-bending measure, so I used a soft measuring tape, like you’d use for sewing. I measured from the first crease of my wrist (where the palm ends) to the tip of my middle finger and got 7 inches. My middle finger is just a hair under 3 inches. I usually wear a ladies’ medium glove and my ring size is 6.5.

I have the smallest hands in my family, and now I feel like I have gorilla mitts.

I’m female. Measuring from the first crease of the wrist to the tip of my middle finger (left hand) gives me 8.75".

Bonus – finger length:
From web between ring and middle finger to tip of middle finger–3.25".

I have huge hands, though. I wear an 8 or 8.5 on my little finger.

From the tip of my middle finger to my crease of wrist is just over 6." Just about the same as the circumference of my wrist, actually. I can’t figure out what this “from web between ring and middle finger to tip of middle finger” is measuring, sorry.

You do have very small hands for a man.


Hand length: 7". Middle finger length: just over 3".

The title of this thread should be sung to “How Deep is your Love.”

7 3/4".
Male, 5’9".

Male here

Hand length - 8"
Finger length - 3.5"

I’ve been told I have big hands so I’d be interested to know what “normal” hand length is.

I’m also 6’1" for whatever that’s worth…

That’s funny, because I’ve always thought of myself as having fairly small hands, and I’m quite a bit shorter than you, yet we’re about the same in terms of hand size.


Hand length: 7 1/4".
Middle finger length: 3".

I know what you mean. I never thought my hands were that big either. However, my rock-climbing buddies recently told me that my hands weren’t ideal rock climbing hands because of their size…

You know, I always thought I had small hands – compared to the people I know, I do. But here? Dang, now I feel like I have man hands, thanks!

From wrist to tip of finger = 7"
Middle finger = 3"

My ring size is 5.5, and I am 5’3" FTR.

Just for fun, we measured my husband, too. He is 6’ and people always comment on his “huge hands.”

From wrist to tip = 7.75"
Middle finger = 3.5"

His ring size is 10.5.

Hand length: 8"
Middle finger length: 3.875" (measured from the actual knuckle, we’re talking 5" of phalangeal goodness)

I’m 5’ 11.5" tall.

I am a girl and have the exact same measurements. Freaky. And I am always told how small my hands are. If you don’t mind, how tall are you? I am 5’4.

Hand length: 8 1/4"
Middle finger length: almost 3 3/4"

Height: 5’8"

Hand length: 7 1/4 inches

Middle finger length: 3 inches exactly.

Male, 204 lbs, 6’4’ tall.

I have very small hands for my build.


7.5 long from bas of palm to tip of middle finger
6.5 ring size
6’ height

A word to the wise: don’t measure your hand when you’ve been drinking.

Left hand–7.75"

I got the finger right at least.

Those measuring to the “first crease”, that gives a measurement quite a bit longer than the method described in the OP (or it does for me, anyway).

With my hand bent back, fingertip to point where the ruler loses contact with my palm is exactly 7". To the first crease of the wrist it is slightly over 7.5". I’m male.

Incidentally, I have heard that the “middle finger tip to base of palm” measurement correlates very closely with, er, another crucial male measurement, as does the furthest span between thumb and middle finger with your hand spread out. In my limited experience (!) that seems accurate, any big-handed (or small-handed :wink: ) chaps able to confirm?