How long will it take for you to accept a Romney win?


Shoot, I meant for this to be a poll. Choices are:

(1) As soon as the networks are in agreement.
(2) When every state has been called coast to coast.
(3) When Obama concedes.
(4) Inauguration day.
(5) NEVER!!!

If a mod has a moment, could you help me create a real poll? Or lock the thread and I’ll try again – thanks!

You’re asking on THIS board? Most Dopers will be bitching into 2020.

I’ll take door number 3.

I accepted the possibility back in June.

Right now, my suspicion is that it might not even be close. Obama may have it locked up by the the time I get home from work on Tuesday. 5:15 Cali time, 8:15 back east.

Never. The battleground polls (FL, VA, OH, WI, NH, PA) are such that a Romney win cannot be legitimately obtained.

Yes. I for one will start suggesting that he is not a legal citizen and will demand layer upon layer of documentation to that effect. I’ll characterize him as a socialist. I will otherwise suggest he is a foreigner and talk about how we need to “take our country back.”

Because liberals have such difficulty coping with reality.

You might want to sit Bob down and talk to him.

not before the election, certainly.

I’m not my brother’s keeper. I would certainly want to hear a justification for why the polling in those states ended up at odds with the outcome, but I would not say I could never accept it.

I just find it ironic that after four years of the most unhinged lunatic, gun toting, crosshairs placing, reloading, birth certificate demanding, second amendment solution crazy ass non acceptance of an outcome, there would be any suggestion that liberals have a problem accepting election outcomes.

The last presidential election spawned the Tea Party for christ sakes.

Posters on THIS BOARD, not “liberals”. There are quite a few posters here who still haven’t accepted the results of the 2004 election. And it only took a few hours for someone to post that he would NEVER accept a Romney win.

Shit, BOTH the 2000 and 2004 results were illegitimate. Thankfully, it looks like the electoral map is such that the Republicans won’t be able to steal this election. But it won’t be for lack of trying.

I’ve tried. Bob’s like a big ol’ labrador (a “librador”, if you will) at the moment, all energy and enthusiasm. It’s cute, even if I think he’s wildly optimistic.

My general position is #3. I hate that the networks declare the winner when half the country hasn’t voted yet (it amazes me that anyone even bothers to vote in Hawaii), and there’s usually some checking going on at local level after the polls have closed. I work on the assumption that the two campaigns would jump on anything out of order if there was justification for it, so if Obama concedes I’ll take that as a sign that there’s nothing more to be done.

However, I’m now considering starting a thread asking board conservatives what it would take for them to accept that the GOP have tampered with the voting process (voter roll culling, destroying voter registrations, using false information to keep people from voting, potential electronic results manipulation), given that there is evidence of some of those already happening and good reason to suspect them of the others. Methinks we’ll get more of the “it’s just liberal sour grapes” comments we’ve already seen.

Do they still do that? At any rate, I think you’d have to un-invent the internet to force the networks into silence. If they don’t try and be the first out of the gate, someone else will.

My reasoning exactly. If Obama or Romney accepts the election results, that’s good enough for me-- they each have a lot more at stake in it than I do.

If it comes out anything like in 2000.

Well, it will be a serious shock at this point, but I’d go with 3 for the reasons others have pointed out. Basically, if Obama concedes then nothing else really matters…it’s a done deal at that point.

Huh? Given that I wasn’t planning to stop paying taxes, move to Canada or start an armed insurrection if Romney somehow manages to steal the election, I guess I’ve at least accepted the possibility already.

Of the listed items, (3).

Pretty much #3. That’s when it would all be over.

Yeah, (3) is the one. Although I’ll have mentally have come to terms with it if the networks call FL, VA, and OH for Romney (or if they call PA for Romney - something which seems unlikely but basically guarantees a Romney win).

  1. When all the vodka is gone. And I don’t mean in my house.

Really? That’s too bad. Have you ever considered learing more about Mormonism? It’s one of their more endearing qualities.