How long will uncooked tuna keep?

I bought a vacuum-packed frozen tuna steak that I put in the refrigerator to thaw last Thursday. I was going to grill it over the weekend but didn’t. Does anyone think it would be unsafe to grill it this weekend? I like it cooked well enough to piss off a chef.

In the fridge and still vacuum packed the whole time? Unless it smelled like old bait when opened, I’d certainly cook & eat it.

Yeah, I’d give it Ye Olde Sniff Test. The sealed types of fish stay good a bit longer. Definitely get to it soon, though.

Vacuum or not, ten days seems like a heck of a long time. Out of perhaps excess caution, I vote for throwing it out.

It’s still in the package. I’ll give it a sniff and then probably throw it out anyway just in case. Thanks for the responses.