How loud is a Eurofighter Typhoon?

Where I live (rural Perthshire in Scotland) has seen overflights by RAF aircraft for many years. 90% of the time it’s been Tornados*, at speeds ranging from an leisurely amble past to completely nuts only-just-subsonic-at-low-level madness. I enjoy hearing them, and much less frequently, seeing them (there are a few routes nearby they follow and I usually only see them if they pass overhead).

I think I have pretty good recognition of the engine sound; years ago there were Jaguars and Buccaneers too, but the Tornado is easily distinguishable.

In the past few months there has been a new kid in town. I’ve yet to see one in clear daylight but most days now there’s either a) after dark, a plane cruising by at lowish level (with collision lights on) at low speed. The engine note is a quiet purr compared to the usual roar, or b) something moving high and fast during the day, but again the engine note isn’t as raucous as before, being a more gentle earthquake.

I assume that these planes are Eurofighters. Can any doper compare old RAF planes with the new, and tell me that my guesses are correct?

  • Every couple of years or so there seems to be a NATO exercise where a hill near our town is used as a waypoint by all sorts of air forces. A spotters paradise - look an AlphaJet, hello Dutch F-16, crikey (break out binoculars) there’s an AWACS and a Nimrod in pattern, Canadian???. F15=loud. Going back to my teenagerdom - OMFG F111=nutjob.