How LucChiq gets screwed twice in one week

So I am having a problem with my cell phone bill. I got it one month ago and imagine my surprise when I see the total to pay: $989!!! Now take in consideration that I have a plan where I pay only $35 per month and even though I don’t have too many minutes I never go over my minutes and I have weeknights and weekends free. So being the reasonable person that I am, I feel that there has been a huge mistake from the cell phone company so I take it in my part to make them aware of their mistake. I know you all know how this starts, yes you call the company they put you on hold for several minutes, they transfer you around all the time and you have to call back several times to remind them of your problem. Finally this week they let me know that actually I do owe that amount!!! What happened is that when I first go my cell phone I signed a contract for two years committing myself to being their customer that way I could get the phone for free. Well imagine my surprise when they tell me that there is a part on the contract were it says that after the two years are over I am taken out of my phone plan and put in a plan where I get charged for all of the minutes that I use. Being the nice company that they are they let me know that they will give me credit for almost the hole amount but that I have to commit to them for another two years. Of course I don’t have the contract so I have to go by their word and am stuck with this company for two more years. Serves me right for not keeping a fucking paper for two years and not remembering after two years that my contract was up :smack:

This week my car broke down, actually it was the alarm. Now I had bought extra warranty for the car so I imagine that it would be covered by it. I call the dealership and asked if this was under warranty and they told me yes and that they would come pick up my car. Fine I said, thinking how proud of myself I was for having bought extra warranty. Well imagine my surprise when I am told that the alarm is considered and accessory and it is not covered and I will be charged $130 to remove the alarm and $420 to install a new one!!! I tried to argue with them but of course they gave them the same shit of the fine print. I called another company to see how much they would charge to disable the alarm and was told that it will be $35 and that probably the only problem it had was the remote and they could order it for $39. I called back the dealership telling them they were crazy for trying to charge me that much and that they could just bring me back my car. Things are never easy, as you all should know; I was told I had to pay a charge of $40 for the diagnostic. After a discussion with the moron on the phone and being put on hold I was told that the fee would be waived but that I had to pay $50 to have my car towed back. Another heated discussion ensued and had to take this matter to the manager. This whole problem left me without a car for 3 days and finally was told that they would waive the $50 too and they brought my car to work. Imagine my surprise when I try to open the car with the control and it works!!!

Sorry if this is long but I just had to share.


Thats terrible.

Even worse, considering I had clicked on this post in order to offer my congratulations at you good fortune.

My condolences. I hope it all works out.

Hooo boy. Coffee Cup #1 is still being matriculated throughout my body and has apparently not yet activated Grammar Control.

Thats -> That’s

you -> your