How many celebrities know you by name?

That is, if they saw you on the street, they’d say “oh, that’s so-and-so”

Oh, and the local weatherman doesn’t count… we’re talking national recognition at least.

I think Dean Hartgraves knows me by name. At least his wife does. Do they count? That’s as close as I’ll probably ever come.

(Unless the Suzanne Kellogg (née Suzanne Polanuk) ever does something else and becomes famous. She was in my sister’s class, she might remember me. Whether she would talk to me is another story :P)

Two…but one’s no longer with us.

My godmother dated Robin Zander from Cheap Trick in high school. Over the years I’ve met him a couple of times.

I met Kurt Cobain the first time Nirvana played in Chicago and got backstage every show after that. [sub] Miss you Kurt [/sub]

Well I have two maybe’s based on my meeting them in college.

The first is a bit of a stretch of famous. Anyone remember Aileen Quinn? She played Annie in the move version, and went to Drew University for grad school.

The second is a bit of stretch for recognizing me for he is a friend of a friend, but James Van Der Beek, Dawson from Dawson’s Creek, also went to Drew before his TV breakthrough.

William Ragsdale and here.

We went to high school together in El Dorado, were Thespians together, he dated my best friend and worked at the radio station that was in competition with the one my uncle owned.

well, my Uncle is Helios Creed.

“Who?” from the masses.

"Um, he’s a new wave musican, he did Chrome for the longest time. He was pretty big in San Fran I understand, has kind of a cult following. He’s pretty underground. Doubt any one here’s ever heard of him but he can sell out medium sized places around the states and Europe. Google him if you really want to know.

btw, he’s not my bag of tea either

Only one that would not only say “That’s so-and-so” but would run up, give me a big kiss and hug, and take me to lunch. (** Kelly McGillis ** )

Remembered another…although i don’t think she qualifies at this point. I went to school with ** Charlene Tilton ** , known only to hard core Dallas fans. She’d definitely know me.

After that, there’s about…oh…between 3 and 7 that, with a little prodding, would maybe say…“OH! Right! How’ve you been?” Among them: ** Katie Segal, Matthew Perry, Bruce Jenner. **


Woody Paul, King of the Cowboy Fiddlers. Well, we are cousins. He got me backstage at the Grand Ole Opry last weekend. :smiley:

Celebrities? None. One NASCAR race car driver knows me by name, and a few others recognize me to say “hi, how ya been” but don’t know my name.


I thought about posting this question, it has bothered me for EONS and never have gotten a straight answer out of anyone…
But since you know the gentleman…


He used to be a good looking guy… Olympic Days…

But then one day, WHAM!!! His face has shrunk, his nose is totally different, he looked BAD.
What happened???

It depends on how you define “Celebrity”, obviously. I know a few authors, but I don’t know how well known they are – Toni L.P. Kelner for one.

Playwright ** Albert R. “Pete” Gurney** (author of “Love Letters”, among other plays) would probably recognize my face, and certanly some of my work.

Astronaut Ron McNair, who was killed in the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. We co-authored two papers.

Quite a few notable scientists and engineers, but I don’t think any of them are husehold names.

Nolan Ryan may know me by name as we have had dinner, but even if I saw him today he may not remember.

Well, I can’t say certain things. But I’ll tell you this: the Star or the Enquiere, forget which, once printed a story about * rumours * to the effect that Bruce was undergoing a sex change. Of course, Bruce denied it, and of course, he hasn’t undergone one, now has he? Musta been just a bunch of vicious rumours after all, huh?

Oh, and he also had a nose job, but that’s obvious.

Move along folks, nothing to see here…

The one I know the best is Tim Gallegos WHO?!?!
Tim Gallegos, he was the original bassist for Wasted Youth and then the bassist for Bad Religion. He’s a nice guy, hangs out at shows a lot and lives 3 blocks away from me. Show any interest in his past and he’ll show you all his great memorabilia.

The second, I know so-so. Shepard Fairey WHO?!?!
Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant fame. World reknown artist. I’ve been talking to him for a while now and I was supposed to meet him for lunch but had to cancel hour before. I was ticked off to say the least.

Oh, and by the way, Happy 900th post to me!

One. Earl Klugh would know me on sight.

Jeff McBride knows me by name. He’s a very well known, very VERY good magician. So does Eugene Burger (Another well known magician).

I want Cartooniverse’s input on this thread.

National recognition in Canada - politically, anyway:

Ethel Blondin-Andrew - Member of Parliament for NWT
Stephen Kakfwi - Current premier of NWT
Jim Antoine - former premier of NWT
Donny Morin - former premier of NWT

It’s a small world from whence I come.
Oh yeah…Crispin Glover (George McFly from the Back to the Future series) once asked me to masturbate while we were talking on the phone.

I met Shepard Fairey too. Although he wouldn’t recognize me again, I did share a drink with him at a bar here in Charleston. He’s from here.

The only people that I have met that would recognize my face are <b>Page Hamilton,</b> (from Helmet) <b>Bruce Willis </b>, and any member of a band called <b>Jump, Little Children </b> who all know my name and have for years. (“I’m not a groupie. I’m a band-aid!!”)

In any case, Charleston is the place to meet celebrites. Someone is always here…Too bad they never remember you…

I swear I will never learn how to do all the cool stuff on here… Forgive me…

Um… not national recognition unless you watch fishing shows.

If anyone gets the Outdoor Life Network at 10 MST on Saturday’s there is a show called the Dimestore Fisherman… well Jim Hoey and his buddy (can’t recall his name right now) I know… I babysat Jim’s daughter till I moved and I still talk with them when I go down to visit me mum cuz she is friends with his wife and babysits his daughter now since I can’t.

He also has a band called Oscar Wild and I’ve only heard one song which they taped but I haven’t got a copy :frowning: