How many children has Michael J. Fox killed?

When I was an adolescent Michael J. Fox taught me to hold onto the rear bumper of a moving car while riding a skateboard (Back to the Fututre). He also taught me to stand on the roof and “surf” on a moving van (Teen Wolf). I was lucky enough to survive to adulthood. How many kids weren’t so lucky?


174.7, Smeghead.

You’re forgetting about the short, skinny kid who met Heather Locklear and assumed he had a shot with her.

Well, he is the anti-elvis, after all. His evil is legion.

And no one has bother to inform the OP that movies are not accurate depictions of real life?

P.S. If you drop an anvil on a coyote’s head, he won’t see stars, he’ll just die.

Not entirely true-- if you fall from a decent height and hit the dirt, a little puff of dust does pop up-- just like the Road Runner cartoons when Wily E. Coyote falls off the cliff. One of the more amusing memories from the military. . .

I’ll never forget the first time I tried to work my hover board. . .

This so-called Decent Guy Humanitarian, Parkinson’s Fundraiser has not only killed young children (that rat bastard!) but he is also responsible for racist revisionist history!! I kid you not! In Back to the Future he joins the band onstage at the high school prom, plays some patented (I’ve seen the filed papers - it’s official!) Chuck Berry riffs, and one of the guys backstage calls his “cousin” - non other than Chuck Berry himself! - and holds the phone out for him to hear Marty McFly. So this little whitebread kid is meant to have inspired the Duckwalker himself to virtually invent rock n’ roll! And everyone believed it!!

With all of this evidence, do you know what this means?!?! Michael J. Fox is (in European History terms) clearly a member of the Illuminati, and (in African-American terms) The Man.

Oh. My. God.

Will you guys please stop picking on Michael J. Fox? He is a kind, compassionate person who saved me from many a tenous time in my family’s relationship.
If it weren’t for Fox’s insight, I would never realize that, yes, it is possible for brothers to fight and forget birthdays but blood is the bond that ties us together. Without that knowledge, it is doubtful my team would have made it past Pinball City’s challenge, let alone winning the entirety of Leon’s game through the McGuiveresk use of a retainer in an electrical outlet. Then where would I be? Then where would Pee Wee Herman be? Think about that the next time you decide to libel. Yes, think about that.

I actually saw this on an old CHiPS episode long before it appeared on BTTF, so I supposed the question is really how many children has Ponch and Jack Webb killed. But of course Webb is dead now of lung cancer so even heating him in the head with a golden hammer won’t get that answer for you, and Ponch is a paunchy Mexican soap star so the question might be how many burritos has he killed, but that won’t bring the kids back… they’re dead…all dead.

Regarding all of the children that attempted the skateboading along a moving vehicle stunt and didn’t make it or the kids who thought their halloween costume superman cape gave them the ability to flawlessly swan-dive off their roofs:

It’s called “thinning the herd”

According to the audio commentary track on the BTTF DVDs, before Back to the Future could be shown on Italian television, Michael J. Fox had to record a public service announcement telling kids not to ride their skateboards behind cars.

Well, there was that kid who told his pit bull to “Sit, Ubu, sit” and got his throat torn out.

You think Michael J Fox is bad? What about all those kids who lost their lives because The Dukes of Hazzard taught them that it was preferable to fly a car rather than just drive it on the road?

Oh yeah? Well, I personally got the snot kicked out of me because, like a jerk I decided to just stand there rather than fight back, because everybody knows the bully won’t hit a guy who just stands there and refuses to fight. (Thanks a lot Keith Partridge)

I thought this would be oabout the teeny babies MJF ate in his quest for stem cells to quell the Parkinson’s!

I’m guessing bienville didn’t grow up where it was cold. My brothers and I used to skitch behind cars long before BTTF came out. We just used our shoes and rode along the ice and snow - we didn’t need no stinkin’ skateboard!

Shoes? You had SHOES? You were lucky. We surfed behind cars in our bare feet using each other’s bodies as surfboards. You had to switch every five minutes to let the guy who was the surfboard surf on you or else he’d freeze to death (it snowed year round back then.)

Well, we also attached our hands to the bumpers using railroad spikes.

makin’ your way in the world today
takes everything you got.

Where would we be…