How many colleges did you visit before deciding on one?

When you were looking for colleges did you actually go and visit the campuses?

Just asking because I’m working with some high school students.

Two. But I wasn’t looking very hard 30 years ago.

My oldest in the last year? A few around the country. But I could see others or having the resources to travel that far.

In the late 1980s I applied to three, but visited only one. It seemed decent, so I ended up attending there.

I visited at least six, narrowed it down to two then visited each of the finalists a second time. My dad accompanied me on every single visit, and it’s incredibly helpful to have a parent or someone who has an idea what to look for and what to ask the tour guides.

I visited 5, I think. It was helpful in deciding between schools that seemed similar on paper. I was turned off by the “vibe” of one school and did not bother applying after the visit.

I think about six or so.

I don’t think my answer is useful because it was over 40 years ago but I visited four.

My daughter, who just graduated from college, visited five (maybe six). My son is a sophomore in college and he was along for those visits although was mostly clueless at that point; we visited maybe four a couple of years later specifically for him.

I applied to five schools and only visited a couple of them. Some I only visited after being accepted, to discuss the financial aid packages to see if they could be improved. This was thirty-something years ago, though. I visited some others more recently with my nephew, who graduated high school in 2012. (It was fun, by the way, to make these visits. Colleges are a lot fancier now than when I attended, with really nice dormitories and all sorts of technology.)

Only one. Geaux Tigers!

None. I was living in Europe, applying to colleges in the US. My funds (or rather, my parents’ funds) did not run to campus visits. Everything worked out fine and I loved the college I attended.

Not saying this was the best approach, just relating my experience.

None. I got brochures for 3 colleges in the state. My mom was like “You aren’t going to want to live too far from home” and I said “You’re right” and went to the closest one. It was a fine choice.

None. I based my choice solely on how much money they would give me. I ended up going to a state school that after scholarships and grants paid me about a thousand a semester to attend (after room and board and books.) I have no regrets. I ended up sticking around after graduation, met my wife and have some amazing kids. Life could be worse.

Over a dozen, but a lot of those were just because they happened to be in the same cities as other schools I was interested in, so we might as well stop by while we were there. We made trips to DC, Philadelphia, and Boston, and between those three, you can get a heck of a lot of schools. The one I ended up choosing was already on my short list (about four schools, IIRC) before I started visiting.

One undergrad, one postgrad.

70s and around me we didn’t seem to do actual visits; probably should have. I picked one and was down for orientation when I decided it was NOT for me and I got a couple friends to spring me the third day (actually part of a motorcycle gang sprang me – I mean I wanted OUT). At that point Pitt was the only place I could get into within the next 3 weeks that would also accept the scholarship money I had on the table. Thus began my slow descent into despair.

I visited one - the one I ended up attending for a year - tho I applied to 5. Three were safety schools and one was a pipe dream, since I couldn’t afford to go to school out of commuting distance from home. It was a lot cheaper to apply in 1972…

As for where I finally graduated - never visited. I chose it based on reputation.

I’m curious. What did they point out to you?

My oldest daughter starts college in 2 weeks. We visited 10 campuses total.

Three. The Kent State campus was in walking distance of my parents’ house, so I was already familiar with it. I also looked at a couple of other colleges in Ohio – I don’t remember which ones offhand now, more than 30 years later.

I went to Kent State for a couple of semesters, until my father got a job in Colorado and I lost residency and would have had to pay a higher tuition fee to go live in a dorm on campus. I went with my family to Colorado instead, went to UCD for a couple more semesters, and from there got the opportunity to go study in the UK at the U of Lancaster without even seeing either before I started there.

None. I only applied to one because my father really hoped one of his kids would go there (Notre Dame). I knew I’d get in and I didn’t care where I went.

(In retrospect, terrible decision. The school and I didn’t click, and I needed a break. I ended up taking a year off then going back to finish.)