How many continents are there, and what are they?

Oh, just go straight to the poll; there’s nothing to look at here.

Okay, that’s not completely true. As always I’ve made pie. Well, cheesecake. White chocolate and strawberry cheesecake, to be specific, fed you by Zoey Deschanel-model comfortbots. First piece goes to whoever makes the best argument for New Zealand. Include an argument for the Kerguelen archipelago and you also get ice cream.

And yes, I DID make that for Sunday’s dessert. No ZD-model comfortbots were serving at table, though.

From my indoctrination (7):

North America
South America

Europe and Asia are obviously one land mass but I will bow to convention on that one. Anyone that says North America and South America are just The Americas can kiss my ass. I will make Europe, Asia, and Africa one big continent if you want to play that game.

North America and South America clearly are “the Americas.” But they can be that without being one continent. I’d say something about cratons but I don’t feel like it right now and I can’t remember how to link to Wikpedia.

Afro-Eurasia is already a poll option.

I learned that there are 7 continents but really, I was never clear on what makes a landmass a continent.

I just came for cheesecake! I don’t care about the damn Zooey Deschanel comfort-bots, who I don’t have much fondness for anyway, and I don’t even want ice cream. But that is my favorite cheesecake.
Oh, all right. SEVEN, please.

Why would you admit that to me, of all people? Wasn’t it obvious that you could expect nothing but vicious, borderline racist mockery in response? See, this is why I hated the Etruscans.

You didn’t present an argument in favor of EnZed. Do you expect me to disregard the rules just because I like you best?


I started with the first option based on early indoctrination, but couldn’t find a way to defend seperating Europe and Asia based on anything but cultural confusions. North and South America are only connected by a relatively narrow land bridge.

Seven. That’s what I was taught in school.

Ditto. Don’t tell me there aren’t seven continents. Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us there aren’t nine planets, and then we won’t know what to believe anymore.

You said “First piece goes to whoever makes the best argument for New Zealand.”

You said nothing about the other pieces. I’m happy to take the second or even fifth piece.

Your logic only seems unassailable, dearest. It is impossible for anyone to get a piece before the first piece is given out; that is what first* means. herefore asking for a piece without proffering an EnZed argument is functionally a request for me to violate the rules.

Fortunately I do that all the time. You get one end piece and one middle piece for perspicacity.

Anyone (other than me) who mentions the 0th law of thermodynamics will be shot.

This. 7 continents, 9 planets. Or is Europe now located on Pluto, and neither one exists anymore?

Europe and Asia are one continent. It’s a pretty stupid historical convention that counts them as two, and that convention ought to go the way of Pluto being a planet.

And white chocolate isn’t chocolate.

Alright, I’ll bite. :smiley:

NZ is clearly the protrusion into our airspace of a vast [del]hyperdimensional[/del] submarine continent named Zealandia, which broke off from Australia and sank. So Zealandia not only has hobbits, but also primeval chthonic monstrosities. And you don’t want to piss them off, because first they’ll appear all cute, and then wham! They’ll turn your brain inside out.

Also, NZ is situated on continental crust.

So I think there’s a good argument for New Zealand being a continent.

Please, can I go now? I’d like my brain back.
EdIt: I vote for Eurasia being one continent. Europe is a subcontinent, just as India is.

I’d say six: Africa, Antarctica, Eurasia, North America, Oceania, and South America

I go for the Civilization definition of Continent plus a minimum land size pulled out of meh butt.

4 continents.

How many would you like there to be?

FIVE: America (North and South), Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

There is a new one. How can you justify America being one but Europe, Asia, and Africa being three separate ones?

7 by definition. I chose the 4 option also because you didn’t offer 3. Afro-Eurasia, America, and Antarctica. Australia doesn’t count, it’s not big enough. What is the line for big enough? I don’t know, but it’s bigger than Australia and smaller than the others.