How many continents have you visited/lived in?

I was watching an episode of “The Simpsons,” in which they go to Rio de Janeiro. Bart exclaims that he will have visited nearly all seven continents (with the exception of Antarctica). Homer, too, for that matter. Anyway, it got me to thinking about continents and so forth.

So how many continents have you visited? Myself I count about three.

North America- Well, I do live in America, and I have visited Canada.
Europe- I’ve been to Paris a couple of times.
Asia- I’ve gone here two or three times, to Pakistan.
I think I may have stopped over in Egypt once on a flight, but I’m not counting that since I never saw the outside of an airport.

Also, I used to live in the UAE when I was much younger, though I’m not sure what continent that one’s in :o

So the continents for me to hit are: South America, Australia, and Africa. It’s my goal to see all six. Since I don’t have Shackleton’s stamina and endurance, I think I’ll pass on Antarctica.

I’ve lived in North America, Europe and Asia.

I’ve also visited Africa and South America.

Never been to Australia.
FWIW, my son lived in four countries on three continents by the time he was 3 years old. At this rate they’ll have to start building new continents.

I’ve lived in only Asia (Korea, Oman) and** North America ** (Guatemala, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago), and visited only Europe. I’ve had a chance to live in Africa (Ghana) too, but we came to Guatemala instead. But hey, i’m still in high school, i have more than enough time to live on those other continents.

I live in North America.
I visited Central America.


I’m so pathetic, I’ve only been to two
North America-I live here
Europe-All over

My mother has actually been to all but Antarctica because she’s been to Buenos Aires, Japan, Morocco and New Zealand as well.

Well, I live in North America
I’ve been all over Europe
Been to Asia (Turkey)
Been to Africa (Egypt)

Me & the SO have been kicking around the idea of going to South America (his family is from Ecuador, so we’d have a place to stay).

I might make it down to Australia one day, but it’s not in any immediate plans.
But… no way, no how will I go see Antarctica. I lived in Alaska for a year, so I’ve had a lifetime of snow and ice.

North America
Central America
South America (OK, just a landing in Venezuela)

Lived in:

I live in North America, but I’ve spent an entire summer living in Spain and another in Ireland. (I’ve also bummed around in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Italy and Greece.) And I’ve spent a few hours in Morocco, Africa, so that makes three continents for me.

I live in the US and have been on vacation at various places in Europe. When I was a kid, my parents were only interested in vacationing in Europe. When I have enough money and spare time, I plan to visit the rest of the world.


Lived in North America, South America, and Europe.

Visited Australia.

I might have the chance to go to Africa this summer. :slight_smile:

Are we just bragging or what?

I count four continents:

– Live in North America
– Visited Europe, Africa, and Australia

Of course, I’d like to someday be able to say that I’ve been in South America, Asia, and Antarctica too. It may never happen, but I can dream.

I’ve always lived in North America. I’ve spent several weeks in Europe, about 12 hours in Africa, and a week in the Caribbean, which is arguably South America.



North America - (Live here, but US, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and a stack of Caribbean islands)

South America - Venezuela and Peru

Europe - UK, France and Italy

Asia - Japan

Lived in the US, but traveled to W. Europe, N. Africa, Near East (Asia) and S. America. So I guess it’s just Oz and Antarctica left for me.

Live in North America
Recently visited Asia (Israel)
Flew over Europe on the way there and back (does that count?)

Zev Steinhardt

All but Antarctica:

North America: USA (native - 49 states, missing only North Dakota), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama (lived 12 years).

South America (Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina)

(+Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Antigua, and Trinidad in the Caribbean)

Eurasia: France, UK, India

Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zaire, Gabon, South Africa, Madagascar.

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand (lived three years), Fiji, Tahiti.

Um, what?

I’m so boring. Two: North America (USA–home, Canada, and Mexico) and Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein).

And Europe was over 15 years ago. Sigh.

[sub]New Zealand isn’t a continent[/sub]

For moi, Africa, Europe, Asia and North America, of course.

Oh, and Florida :smiley: