How Many Cows Can You Fit into a Small Passenger Car?

It would seem four. Wider-view photo here.

Some Malaysian smugglers stuffed four cows into a Proton Wira but had to flee after the car broke down. Going to be smuggled into Thailand apparently since this was all near Penang and the Thai border.

All that weight in the back probably plays hob with the steering.

They need to use a finer setting on the grinder.

Or a bigger van.

I would hope that these researchers are now working on the question of how many otters you can transport on a sixteen-seat charter jet.

(Also, seriously, I hope the cows were unhurt. :()

This is why Cow Clowns are not really a thing.

Those are small cows.

A matched set of leather luggage. Nice! A few more days and it would have been carrion luggage.

Now I’m not so sure they were going to be smuggled into Thailand. Border guards may be sleepy, but they’re not that sleepy.

Joyriders. Or maybe they were all sneaking into a drive-in theater.

You know, there’s nothing worse than a cow backseat driver.

If you don’t stop mooing I swear to God I’m turning this car around RIGHT NOW.

Everyone’s assuming there were people involved who subsequently fled and abandoned the car. How do we know this isn’t a case of a herd of low-down no-good bovine automobile rustlers?

It’s like a Far Side cartoon come to life. Well, it still needs a good punch line.

That’s exactly what I thought. I’ll bet Gary Larson is kicking himself right now for retiring.

the photo showed the windows blown out so it would read like this:

Gus’s attempt to smuggle his cow buddies into the drive-in was successful until one of them said: pull my hoof.

Maybe this was all just an experiment into methane-powered cars.

Darn! I thought I was on the right track with Cow Clowns.

That was udderly ridiculous.

To pun is human, to ride in car trunks, bovine.

Need answer fast?