How Many Crap Loads Go into a Shit Ton?

How many crap loads go into a shit ton?

How does that convert into metrics?

Need answer fast.

Six crap loads to the shit ton. Two shit tons to the fuck ton. Shite tons are approximately 0.86 times the standard shit ton.

In my experience, an infinite number. It never ends.

Just don’t try putting ten pounds of shit into a five pound bag.

THANK YOU. God, you have no idea how good it is to get a straight answer on this question.

A metric butt load, except for in the US where we still use imperial measurements.

What is the standard for ‘crap load’ ?

Here I sit all broken hearted … couldn’t give a shit and barely farted.

Dr. Ian Malcolm: That is one big pile of shit.
(You can trust him, he’s a doctor.)

This is approximately how I would scale them as well.

I would have said 1,760 crap loads to the shit ton. Or, about 14 crap loads to the poop stone.

One more than you can carry.

I agree with the first two, but I’m surprised by the metric conversion. Given our tendency in the U.S. to exaggerate and get overly dramatic about all our problems, I’d have thought our shit tons would be in reality a little smaller than a shite ton.

Yeah, you’ll just end up with fifteen pounds of shit.

And remember you can’t fertilize a five acre field by farting through a barbed wire fence.

Wouldn’t that be 'tonnes"?

A shit-ton is eighty shitloads, and it’s four craploads to a shitload, so, 320.

One bit is half a pound, and a thing is eight bits. Five things makes a crapload, four craploads to a shitload, and two shitloads in a fuckload.

A bunch is 2.5 things, and a lot was originally two bunches, but now that’s a crapload, since the Load and Thing Standardization Council of 1922.

A crap load is 123.6 g. This is right at 4.36 oz. 2000 * 16 ÷ 4.36 = 7339.45 crap loads in a shit ton. Naturally when doing back of the envelope calculations we use the approximate conversion factor of 7340.

So there is your question answered AND the conversion to metric.

This is really enlightening! Now I know exactly how many dimes are in a shitload.

It’s that whole Brit stiff upper lip thing. It interferes with the sense of smell.

Less smell, less shite.

That is properly called a blivet, which I learned in boot camp 50 years ago. I don’t know the conversion for number of blivets to the shit ton, though.