How many days after the vaccine can someone get drunk?

How many days after getting the first vaccine shot, can someone get drunk?

Can? Right away.

Should? It might be a good idea to limit alcohol intake for a few days so as not to exacerbate the potential side effects of the vaccine. Not saying don’t drink, just advising that a goal of drunkenness should probably wait a bit.

You doing OK, EmilyG?

Saw this somewhere online yesterday:

Looking out the window to see what chapter of Revelation we will be doing today.

Seems to be a common sentiment.

Are you posting in the thread you want this to be in?

Yeah. I guess I should’ve added some. Given that line, I can see how someone might want to get lit once they’re vaccinated.

In my case, zero days. Your mileage may vary, but I turned out fine in the end.

I waited an hour and 15 minutes.

I wasn’t. I think I"m a bit better now.

Good to hear :smiley:


Back in my heyday? About 10 days in a row (not recommended).

I picked up a mixed sixpack on the way home from Pfizer #1 and #2

My partner and I wasted no time in having a celebratory dinner with a good number of drinks immediately after getting the J&J vaccine. I then had a fever, chills, and night sweats the next couple of days, while she had no side effects whatsoever. Probably best to wait a few days to not put the extra stress on your body as others have said, but it shouldn’t be a huge deal either way.

Days? This time unit is way too long for this question.

Just saw this, I’m getting second Pfizer on Wednesday which happens to be Cinco de Mayo. I figured I’d have a couple drinks in the afternoon but then see if I get any side effects.