How many dead so far in Iraq?

Has any website/news service tallied up the number of dead in Iraq so far?

Which dead? There is a pretty detailed list of casualties among the coalition armed forces at this site, which also has a link to an incomplete survey of Iraqi police/guardsmen deaths. Iraqi casualties in general are certainly much larger, but also much harder to quantify, and there’s uncertainty of probably half an order of magnitude in the numbers.

This is supposed to be a very conservative number, only counting deaths reported in multiple independent news sources:

How does this compare to the “hostages” that died by Saddam (direct and indirect) in the years just before the war?
The cure seems to be worse than the disease.

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And this CNN article talks about a survey that produced the oft-quoted “100,000 Iraqis dead” figure. The actual journal arcitle is here (free registration required).

thats the stuff I’m looking for. Thanks