I smoke about 20 a day!!!" How about you and be honest!!!

How many times have you tried to give up and failed. What did you use :slight_smile:

I smoked about forty a day once and even though I tried again and again I could never give up. That was until I went through a period of illness. It was then that I seemed to develop some kind of allergy to cigarettes and I was able to give up without the need for willpower at all. I actually carried cigarettes around with me for a few months and attempting to smoke but every time I lit one my tongue felt like it was swelling up, my eyes felt incredibly uncomfortable and my mouth tasted like it was full of clorine or something. I’ve told a doctor or two this story expecting that it would be of interest to them but they didn’t express any. If this “allergy” could be manufactured even the most addicted smokers could be cured because that’s what I was.

About 30 a day, non-filter.

Quit for three years once.

Plan to quit soon.

Will keep you posted.

No pun intended.

A guy goes to the doctor…

Doc says…“You need to give up smoking abd drinking”

Guy says…“Will that help me live longer?”

Doc says…“No…It will just seem longer…”

My point is…You need to do whatever helps you to get along, be it smoking, drinking, whatever.

State of mind keeps you alive.


I don’t smoke at all, and I have my caps lock key off when I make thread titles :wink:

20 a day!?! You smoke twenty a day!?!

Holy shit, you must be rich! And fer the love of Buddha how many people do you feed?
I mean I maybe smoke two three a year. You have to have a little variety.

We are talking about hams, aren’t we?

Usually 2 a day, when I can get 'em. More on the weekends.

Yeah, and so does a lack of lung-cancer!:smiley:

I smoked one cigarette once, to see what the fuss was about. Now I wonder why in the Hell do people start? I can see why they still do it, I mean, they’re addicted (and DON’T try to tell me you’re not, you are.) But why start? I see no benefit WHATSOEVER, until you are addicted, that is.

At least drugs like alcohol and pot can give a short term effect that is noticible without already being addicted. But ciggerates? Oh wel, my $0.02.

When I smoked my first cigarette (at age 15), I felt an amazing rush from it. Today, age 29, a “rush” like that (basically raised blood pressure for about ten minutes) would make me think I was probably having a heart attack, but at the time it felt great. I can still recall it with wonderful clarity. Anyway, I kept doing it, and when there was no rush from it anymore but I was still doing it, I figured, Ah, this is what being addicted is like.

I’ve quit any number of times, never for more than three weeks. I have in the process learned a lot about the mind’s power of rationalization.

Me too.

me three.

me four.

I used to smoke about 30 a day and now I smoke about 15 a day. I quit smoking in the house… that cut me down a lot! I’ve quit twice… both times I was pregnant. I quit for one year each time. I don’t know why I started up again… old habits die hard I guess. If I ever do quit smoking for good (I really have no desire to) I’d have to give up drinking too. I can’t drink a beer unless it’s followed by a cigarette.

About the third day, I woke up with profuse sweating and the second through fifth days were marked with confusion and lack of concentration. Basically, I had the attention span of a hummingbird with ADHD. Pass the Ridalin(sp?) and sugar water, please. The physical symptoms are over, but the mental NEED for a cigarette is becoming dang nigh unbearable! I never knew that I had homocidal tendencies before this, but turns out, I was just one puff away from a berserker rage! I want to go back to smoking, but the guilt from my mom, my coworkers (who all smoke and envy my progress), and the last shred of health consciousness I still possess is pressing me to the floor.

I just want to frickin’ smoke!

Did I mention that I also quit caffeine at the same time?

Gamelan’s Smoking Itinerary (daily):

Cigarettes (tobacco): 10 - 20
Cigarettes (ahem…other :wink: ): 1
Ham: .004
Other (use your imagination): .0000000006

what’s the last other there, that you would do once in your life if you happened to live to be 6 million years old? cremation? the waft of smoke your decay dust makes in the apocalypse?

three hams in two years… you’re an addict.

I take a couple of days to get through a pack of 20 unless im out drinking with friends who smoke then it seems to head for about 20 per beer.

I never tried to give up properly but one of the best things was deciding that we shouldnt smoke in our new apartment. We stuck to it and because we lived in Helsinki and you had to suit in in wollens to even think about going outside the volume of cigarettes I consumed went waaaay down. Of course the’re always the “after” exception. :).

Personally even as a smoker myself I detest the smell of old smoke hanging around in the air and staining everything with its filthy vapourous fingers.

forgot the smilie…

here ya go. put this at the end of my previous thread.

grr. thread = post

i shoudn’t post with six windows open and a textbook in front of me…

Well, I’d rather have a textbook in front of me than a… wait… that doesn’t work…

never mind. Me, I’ve had two in 40 years, which adds up to a small enough number as to horribly confuse my calculator, so. There. Oh, and just say “no” to caps lock.