How many email accounts do you have/ have you had?

I currently have 5:

2 msn accounts, 2 yahoo (one of which is my official SDMB account), and one work.
6 dead accounts:

2 yahoo, one school, two msn, one work.
Ergo, 11 email addresses in my life.

Let’s see… preparing to count on fingers

Currently using 9:

6 hotmail, 2 yahoo, 1 college.

No longer using 5:

1 yahoo, 4 other.

So I’ve had 14 in total, 9 of which I still regularly check. No wonder it takes me forever to check my mail…

I have four which are activated right now, although I just use two (both on yahoo); the third is on my uni’s server and the last is an antique one, which I really wanted to continue using but it gets way too much spam.

Total number of email accounts I’ve had in my life? Maybe around 15.

In use right now: I’ve got 2 yahoo accounts (1 which is about to be spammed to death), 1 hotmail (simply used for MSN) and a school account (which forwards to my yahoo).

Dead accounts:
1 yahoo
1 work
1 school
4 old accounts from back in the BBS days.

I really only check my “good” yahoo account since I rarely get anything in my hotmail and when I do, MSN is kind enough to tell me who sent it, so I don’t even have to open my inbox.

So it looks like I’ve already had 11 e-mail addresses at least. I’m feeling I’ve forgot at least one. And I’m only 20, so I’ve got lots of time to boost that number up.

Two live, four dead, one semi-dead

1 hotmail, main account
1 school, use only for assignments

1 more hotmail that I got locked out of
1 goplay, until they folded
1 high school account
1 other

1 inactive hotmail account, suppossed to be used as a dummy for signing up for things. Account still exists, I still give the address out occasionally, but curently no inbox to receive mail as I never bother to check if I have mail.

I use three on a regular basis, two lie dormant but active, two are dead and lost forever. So, in just over 3.5 years online, I’ve had 7 accounts.

I can’t remember all that I’ve had ever, but currently I have six from my ISP. (I only use one though, the others are from setting up webpages, I have to activate different screen names-all with email accounts, but I only check one account.) Then I have two Yahoo accounts, and one at school. So the total that I use and check - 4.

1 hotmail, 1 yahoo, 1 work

3 hotmail (spammmm!), 1 yahoo, 1 from own website (now defunct)


1 ISP account
1 Hotmail account
1 Work email account


1 Yahoo account
2 AOL accounts
1 MSN account (I tried them for a few months after Windows 95 debuted with the service and then cancelled it).
1 Delphi account (Again, it was a brief trial period and decided I didn’t like the service).

counting here:

Active accounts
2 hotmail
1 anti-spam account (main one)
1 school account
1 ISP account

Dead or abandoned?

4 ISP emails (regularly used by just me)
2 Yahoo (one alive, one used rarely)
2 Hotmail (one alive, one dead)

1 yahoo, general mail, some spam, some glurge.
1 yahoo, rarely used, only for people who will not send me something that sucks.
1 hotmail, for any website signup

In limbo?
College… taking a semester off, haven’t bothered to check it.

1 excite
1 aol
probably one or two more?

How boring, only three:

My main account (realname@msn)
My “twickster” account at yahoo
My work email

Currently: 6

Yahoo (2)


Earthlink (since my personal e-mail is at one location, I can easily switch ISPs; I never use the ISP-provided address)
Previous job

Current used: 2 hotmail
1 domain
1 work

Current unused: 1 AOL

Dead: at least 5, probably closer to 8

This all is the reason we now have our own domain name.

I currently have two…

freeuk for spam for legitemate e-mails.
In my lifetime I’ve had (that I can remember)…,, aol (can’t remember if it was a or a .com)

current – I use six of the seven that comes with my ISP. Plus one Yahoo, and one at work.

past – one hotmail, and one former employer.

err … 5 that I check every day, two that I got when I signed up with my ISP (never use them) 1 yahoo, 2 MSN, and a few others that I got on fan sites for TV series, none of which I have the vaguest memory of where they are much less what name I used for them … I think I have 18 in total

Three, and one recently deleted from my last job.

One regular with CompuServe, one with “stuff” with Hotmail (my oldest account), and one wth Yahoo.

Live accounts:
2 Hotmail
1 Cell phone
1 Work
1 Yahoo (but I seldom use it)

No dead accounts