How many hairs did you leave in the shower today?

I must have been more awake than usual the other morning when I took my shower, but after toweling off (while standing in the tub), I noticed LOTS of hair in the tub. Upon further inspection (counting most of them), I concluded that I had shed over 60 hairs this morning. And that doesn’t even include the ones that washed down the drain before I turned off the water! That’s a lot of hair.
Actually, I stopped counting at about 60 and estimate that there were quite a few more that I missed.
I checked each of the next couple of days, and somewhat to my surprise, there looked to be just as many each day. That’s a lot of hair.
Where is all this hair coming from? It’s not like I’m in a rapidly balding phase (I don’t think). I have a small area on top of my head that is a little thin, but that has been there and seemed pretty stable for a couple years now (I think).

Is this a spring-time phenomenon? Am I not getting enough sleep? Too much sandpaper in my towel? Developing an allergic reaction to my shampoo? Is my body getting ready to evolve or something?

How much hair are YOU leaving in the shower daily?

I shed like a collie, a big Lassie-esque collie. I have shoulder-length hair, thick and curly, and if it is not to look like Donna Summer’s after a really rough roller-disco romp, I have to condition and finger-comb it through while it’s damp. I come away with handfuls of hair. I never counted but I show no signs of baldness and/or ‘becoming’…

I have to unclog the drain weekly. I also have a mat on my hairbrush everytime I brush it in the shower, not to mention the ones that get on my body from just having my hair HANG there…

I have thin hair and always lose a small amount in the shower. But it increases as the weather heats up.

Way, way too many.

When did I ever get so old?

My hair comes out in handfuls! I try not to worry, since it doesn’t appear to be thinning.

if i am just running my hands through my hair w/out really washing it, i lose a few here and there. if i shampoo, it comes out in handfuls. i have really thick hair, but methinks its only a matter of time before nature catches up to me, and i begin to pull out more than will grow back.

i also lose a lot of hair from my armpits and…um…sensitive area. it probably doesn’t help that i will on occasion tug on it to see if anything will come out.

the hair, i mean.