How many holiday miniture Reese's Peanut Butter Cups can I eat?

cheers you on Garlicky parmesan spaghetti should have been just the savoury break you needed! You can show up all the doubters yet.

why is this so amusing?

Damn! Why couldn’t this have been posted 6 months ago before I started getting serious about getting fit? Blast it all to hell.

I don’t know but I am glued.

Oh my god. I’ve been reading your user name as Happy Lavender all these years! When Hazel said this was proof you were a guy, I was sure she was wrong because what kind of guy would use Lavender in his name (other than a fabulous one, perhaps). What the hell is a Lendervedder, anyway?

How many peanut butter cups do you have, anyway?

  1. I’ve reached my saturation point.

I may not consume the most, or be the fastest, but I guarantee I’m the only one of you sons of bitches that ate 45 holiday miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups today. So there!

It’s my last name, first name’s Happy.
Nah, actually, if you really want to know…

Forty five? That’s it? Geez, when I stumbled in here I was expecting an accomplishment.

I keed, I keed. We can’t all be champs. :wink:

Heeheehee. Touche, good sir. So glad I don’t have anything in the house handy to challenge you with, because I’m quite possibly stupid enough to.


Will a challenger appear tomorrow?

I bet we will see a Doper break the century mark before Fetivus.

I dunno, but if a challenger takes over, I’ll step it up to ensure the championship belt stays in Michigan.

Speak for yourself kiddo - me and the kid bought licorice for my mum’s xmas present yesterday. A whole box.

Lasted ten minutes after we unpacked the groceries - the whole box. No regrets, no recriminations.

We bought mum a nice pen today.

To illustrate your accomplishment…


Dedgum! Even more impressive if your Cups didn’t runneth over. Okay folks, the gauntlet’s been thrown.

[Sonic Guy]
45? What is that, like three dozen?
[/Sonic Guy]

How many mini cups are in one of those bags? I can safely say that I can eat an entire bag in one sitting with no ill effects and no spaghetti break, but I’ve never counted because I generally feel more shame than pride in that situation. I can’t help myself though! My need to eat as many as are in front of me are why I never buy peanut butter cups.

I’d say a nine ounce bag has about 30. So apparently, I ate a bag and a half.


Well, as soon as someone ups the ante, we can get this party started. I’m afraid we’re going to need visual proof of the wrappers from here on out.

No one dares dethrone the Cup King? HA! Cowards, all of you! Weak, gutless, mewling cowards. I’ve already eaten 4 today, and I’m not even trying anymore.

I could do it…but um… they don’t sell bags of them in the store downstairs. Yeah, that’s it. And it was raining so I don’t want to drive to the grocery store. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll claim responsibility for setting the goal at 40, so I’ll be the one offering the official Pat on the Back.


Well done, Happy. You’ve made an enormous stride forward in our war against the wily miniature peanut butter cup.

PBC-Finder General

Ah yes. Making a sacrifice for the honor of the state, are you?