What can you eat more of than anyone else?

Hot wings.
Just keep 'em coming and I can eat close to two or three dozen in one sitting.

Cheap nasty American beer.

But I once ate 3 dime store hotdogs and a Big Mac and a pitcher of pink lemonade within the space of an hour. That was an interesting night.

My boogers.

That sounds like a wager…

In my experience - anything. It’s rare that I find someone who eats as much as I do.

For example: My usual order at Mickey-Ds is two double-quarter-pounder with cheese meals. Sometimes I’ll get 3 - 5 double cheeseburgers (plus fries and/or a crispy-chicken sandwitch) to spice it up. If I feel like eating healthy, I’ll only get one or two burgers plus the salad with bacon & chicken. When we go to local cheese-steak place I get the 12 inch cheese-steak plus the double cheeseburger, plus onion rings.


Well how many of Kals boogers can you eat? :wink:

Apparently many people become nauseated after only one or two hard boiled or deviled eggs. I don’t know how many I could eat, since sense and reason have always prevailed, but I don’t get sick of them, so I could probable eat more than most people.

Reese’s peanut butter cups. I could eat pounds of them in a single sitting. I would eventually feel really sick but if I am not careful about rationing them out in appropriate serving sizes I will sit and eat an entire halloween sized bag of the miniature ones and not even realize it.

Anchovies, pickles, olives, hot peppers…basically anything that most people would consider a condiment or relish type thing, I will eat like it’s just regular food. Capers, pickled anything!..salsa (by the jarful!)

I worked with a human stomach. We went to an all you can eat chicken place. He ate 17 large chicken breasts.

Oysters. Especially the smaller, sweeter Kumamotos. I’ve never been able to eat enough of them to get my fill, as they’re too expensive to order by the hundreds.


somebody had to say it

Fantastic post/username combo, by the way. :smiley:

Anyone in the world, or anyone I know? I can eat 10X the hot pepper anyone I know can, easy.

Roast or boiled potatoes. Keep them coming. The boiled ones covered with generous dollops of butter.

This is my answer, too. I’ve never reached my limit on deviled eggs.

thank you. it’s good to know somebody gets it.:wink:

Crab legs. The time it takes to get them ready to eat is apparently exactly how long it takes for them to clear my stomach and make room for more.

Chips. If there’s chips around i’ll eat all of them unless i make a conscious effort not to. I’ve never found the upper limit to how many i can eat yet, i always run out before that. I don’t even keep them in the house because they won’t last. Last time i bought four large bags full intending to try and make them last the week but ended up eating all of them in one night.

Non guilt?

Cucumbers. The little kirby ones. Also really ripe cherries.

Guilt but eat anyway?

Rasinettes and Goobers.

Bacon. Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon!

Oh, and bacon.