How many holiday miniture Reese's Peanut Butter Cups can I eat?

I’ve eaten eight in the past hour. Gluttonous, to be sure, but no where near remarkable.

So, how many would it take to reach the remarkable stage? I’ve got a whole bowl full, plus a car and a store nearby. Bear in mind that I’ve also got work to do, so I can’t simply eat them without distraction. I don’t want to vomit, but am willing to *feel *sick, if need be.

Damn you, peanut butter cups, why do you have such power over me?

I can eat 20 of 'em if I haven’t eaten anything in a while. They’re like their own little food group.

Extrapolating to how many full-size peanut butter cups it would take to make me feel sick, I’d say come back when you’ve topped 40.

How many can you fit in your mouth at one time? is what I want to know. Think you can do 16?

Exactly more than what you could juggle at one time but less than what would fill a breadbox.

I’m at 14 now.

I would’ve thought 40 would’ve been doable, but I must admit, I’m already sensing the early stages of nausea.

But continuing on…

Go for 50, unless you just want to live the rest of your life knowing you can’t outdo Paul Newman.

In my prior experiance little peanut butter cups fall into the “Buffalo Wings and Cans of Keystone Light” group, so the answer becomes:

All of them.

At 20. So good, and so not good.

I second Cluricaun.

Buy me a couple of bags, and I’ll race you. These things are pretty much my most serious vice. I don’t buy them very often because they don’t last, and then I feel like a pig.

But if we’re making a contest out of it, hey, I think I can make the sacrifice.

If you didn’t hit 40, you didn’t try. This is what separates men from mice. Push, damn you, push!

20 in 2 hours? That’s only 10 an hour. I can do that after a heavy meal.

It you get to 60 in the next hour THEN I will be impressed.

I’m in over my head here guys. I’m at 38 and I feel like I’m gonna hurl, but I’m not stopping. However, I will be taking a spaghetti break in a few minutes, which will make for a real pretty pile of vomit, should the situation come to that.

If you’re taking a spaghetti break then you really aren’t trying. Come see me when you’ve been Christmas shopping all day and haven’t had anything on your stomach except 2 pots of coffee.

You’ll beg for the little cups. Beg, I tell ya.

This reminds me of the scene in Supersize Me, in which the protagonist challenged himself to eat an entire supersized McDonald’s meal, right down to the last french fry.

And yes, vomit did ensue.

This is absolute proof that Happy is a guy. Most girls would be beating themselves up over a spoiled diet and lack of willpower after five, not powering through a spaghetti break and hoping not to ralph. This is hilarious!

I’m surprised that the limit is so low. But then, I’m the type who can absentmindedly eat a bag of Kisses or potato chips (Miss Vickies especially) without paying for it. It occurs to me at moments like this that I’m lucky I’m currently under 150 lbs.

ETA: Hazle Weatherfield, I take exception to that. :stuck_out_tongue: But diets aren’t my thing, so…

See? Two away until the goalposts get moved to 65.

Come on! Push that spaghetti to the side!

I tried, but my wife wouldn’t let me eat only peanutbutter cups for dinner.

So after two bowls of meaty, garlicky, parmesan cheesey spaghetti, I’ve continued my journey.

I’m at 41 now, Og help me.