How many homeruns will Bonds finish with?

Just figured I’d start the next prediction thread about Bonds. Now that he’s broken the record, where does he stop? It is all but certain that he won’t be getting a World Series ring this year. So will he try to come back for one more run next season, adding even more to his total? Or does he hang it up at the end of September and leave A-Rod with a fair shot at the record some day?

What are your thoughts? I’m going to say he finishes with 771. Even if he comes back next year, I don’t think he plays a full year due to injuries or what have you.

I tend to agree with you that he’ll probably hang it up and call it quits after this season. However, there’s a good chance that his elbow guard will keep playing and go on to hit another 20 dingers next season.

He has said he wants to play in 2008, so I’ll give him 12 more this year, 25 next, that’s 792.



1 HR, Bob.