How many knives do you own?

Excluding cooking knives (unless you have some really nice ones), how many knives do you own and what are they? Think of this thread as a spin-off of the knife recommendation thread and the various “What guns do you own?” threads that pop up now and then.

I’ll have to do my list in stages, because I have so damn many of them.

Just laying around knives that get put in pockets now and then:

2 Gerber Paraframes
2 Gerber Mini-Paraframes
Every Leatherman Juice multitool they ever made, including the Pro model
Some Gil Hibben throwing knives
2 Buck 102s
2 Buck 110s
Several SAKs, including an Executive model on a keyring and a Spartan by my easy chair.
Several Gerber Truss knives in various configurations
3 Gerber multitools
a Gerber Grappler

And that’s just the ones within 20 feet of where I’m sitting. Not counting the swords and axes, of course. What about you?

About 25. Gerbers, Bucks, a Browning skinning knife (WHAT FOR?!?). An Old Henry or two, some swiss army knives, a cheap mexican stiletto. Can’t remember all of them.

I have 3 knives, two biggish general purpose ones and a smaller one that I guess is for cutting meat. My knowledge of knivery is shameful… but I do have two colanders!

I have a Buck 110, a Kershaw Leek and an Italian switchblade on my desk right now.

Total? 150+

Daily rotation basket? About 25to choose from, as seen in other threads!

What? I likes my knives!

If only I had a Spyderco H1 Salt! :smiley:

Freaks. :slight_smile:

I have 3 small swiss army knives, an NRA buck knife, a couple of assorted cheap ass small knives, a large hunting knife (somewhere packed away) and a fairburn-sykes.

Anyone who knows how many knives he or she has frightens me.

I have a Swiss Army Knife that I’ve never used, and a utility knife that gets used all the time.

That we own so few that we have a count? :smiley:

a 3" buck folder (110?)
a gerber bolt action (my everyday carry)
a damascus skinner (given me by my canadian brother)
several FHM balisongs

A great many. So many that I can’t remember all of them to list here; and I’m not rooting them out of the cedar chests and dresser drawers to count them. Certainly in the neighborhood of 100 or so, though.
Just recently go myself an AG Russellmedium gunstock lockbackin yellow delrin that I’ve been using as EDC. This is unequivocally the nicest Chinese-made knife I have ever seen. The grind lines are perfect. The fit and finish are beautiful. A knife of this quality made in the US or Japan would easily sell for twice as much. Just ordered myself a MooreMaker Double Lockbacktoo. (Yes, I do like yellow delrin knife handles, thank you for asking. I have pleasant childhood memories of my dad and his yellow delrin handled Kabar folder.)

Five butterfly knives, each with their own different handle and blade design.

My important knives are kitchen knives, Old Hickory brand with blades by Ontario Knife Works. I keep mine sharp with a water-based handheld whetstone (the kind where you hold the knife stationary and move the stone). I can slice through 4-5 inches’ thickness of boneless chicken breast in one smooth pull without much downward pressure. I have five of them at the moment.

Two. One folding pocket knife, and one rather nice recreation of a Roman dagger. Three if you count the dinky half-inch blade on my multi tool.

If you count kitchen knives, the count soars to a practically stratospheric seven.

I’ve got some swords. I guess the set of replica fighting knives of Legolas from the Lord of of the Rings movies would qualify.

I have a cheap Buck knife to float around in the backpack, a no-name one from a gun show I really like that’s my everyday carry, my Leatherman Blast that needs to go into the shop because one of the locks broke off, and a red Kuhn Rikon non-stick paring knife for miscellaneous cutting around the house.

So, 4.

Ritter Mini-RSK Mk1 by Benchmade. My favorite by far.
Kershaw ATS-34/Ti. That was the model number, and of course, the materials it is made of. Anyone remember this thing? I have the original version before it was named “Starkey Ridge.”
Kershaw Leek with titanium handle and ZDP-189 blade. Holy fuck that stuff is hard.
Benchmade BenchMite Auto. A cute little switchblade.
Victorinox Money Clip. This and the Ritter are my faves.
A Kershaw with titanium handles and ATS-34 blade. Google is failing me. Bought it in 1999 or so. It is at home, I am not.
Two different Paul knives: Series II Model 2, and the Lone Wolf version.
I have purchased a bunch of Spyderco, Cold Steel, Columbia River Knife and Tool, and others that I didn’t like and either sold or gave them away.
A Benchmade I was issued, and I can’t remember the model. I didn’t like it and ended up giving it away.
Buck Nighthawk with a reprofiled and scary sharp blade. 6.5 inches of shaving sharp edge.

A bunch of others I can’t remember.

I guess I’m falling behind. I’ve got five Gerbers (including two Multitools), two Bucks, a Leatherman, a SOG Multitool, and a Bench Made.

Too many, and I can’t carry them on me (stupid weapons screening at work).
I have 8 Boker pocket knives, 3-4 Gerber pockets knives, a bunch of old Case knives from my Dad and Grandpa, three Puma lockbacks, a few SAKs, and a SOG Pentagon Mini. I gave my nephews my Buck fixed blade skinners and Kershaw folding utility knives - I like the Kershaws, but they use them more than I would. I’ve kept all the pretty ones :slight_smile:

Just cooking knives. I’ve got four really good ones in my kitchen drawers, which I sharpen every month, except the serrated one.

In my purse I’ve just got an Swiss army knife for peeling apples and tightening screws and such.

Those of you who own throwing knives, do you have any skill in throwing them? I think that would be cool.