How many laws can one break in one second?

I wonder if this is in the right category, but figure it is in the same set as the “The 5 ways to get to first base without hitting a ball” question. Also, as I expect it will only list the laws, I doubt it could be closed as it does not advise one in breaking laws.

So, much as the OP states;

How many laws can one person break in one full second?

Assume he has unlimited funds prior to the one second, and also has unlimited followers to do his bidding.

I also assume the physical location could influence the number of laws broken. Indicate the location your senario takes place in.

Well, if he can’t break the same law twice, my friend and I though for about 5 minutes and came up with the following scenario which breaks 22 California and National laws.

You would have to set this one up though.

A man kills (1) a mentally challenged 12 year old prostitute (2) while raping (3, 4) him in public (5). He had given the boy alcohol, (6) date rape drugs (7), and marijuana (8). He is AIDS infected and knows it. (9) The rape and murder occurred while the man was driving a car with his pet ferret (10) in the passenger seat. The car has no license (11), its plates were expired (12) and the car was stolen. (13) He is driving on the wrong side of the street (14), going way over the speed limit (15) through a red light (16), over a pedestrian (17) all while through a construction zone (18). He was trying to escape the police who want him on account of another murder (19). The man was drunk (20) and high (21) and an illegal immigrant (22).

I’ll add more to it as I think of it.

(23) on expired/stolen plates / (learned that here tonight)

(24) you’re on your way to my house to buy a pihrana fish.

(25) you’re convicted of being dumb enough to live in California :smack: :smiley:

My gun net friends says that the man had a Mk23 Socom (23) loaded (24) in the glovebox (25) with AP rounds (26) modified for full-auto (27) with a silencer (28) and a 20-round magazine (29).

And the boy is his son. (30) D:

I am sure there are other things even within those things already mentioned.

How did I forget the gun angle?!? :smack: :wally :rolleyes: :dubious: :smack:

Don’t a lot of those laws breaking actually occur prior to the ‘one second’?

In # 6, 7, 8, 13, 19, 23 the illegal activity occured prior to the event. If you’re going to count them then you’d be as well saying the maximum number of laws you can break in one second is every law possible. Just go around stacking them up and don’t ever get caught. Every second you remain free you’re breaking the laws.

A convicted felon carrying a gun [1] steps onto a plane [2] with a knife in his pocket [3], fake ticket/boarding pass in hand [4], fake ID [5], and a fake passport [6]. In his carry-on bag are forged prescriptions [7], a crack pipe [8], a bong [9], and a few grams of every controlled substance within the US [10-30(?)]. With him is a 12-year-old prostitute [31] from Cuba [32] who is mentally retarded [33]. He has his hand on her butt [34]. He’s taking her across state lines to have sex with her [35].


Do you mean “in violation of N laws within the same 1-second interval” or “innocent one second, and guilty of breaking N laws the next second”? If the latter, I don’t think you can rape AND kill within one second. And various illegal possesions wouldn’t count, unless they were acqired within the same second.

Perhaps you could kill the driver and hijack a truck in one second. If the truck contained guns, drugs and other illegal posessions, would the hijacker be immediately guilty of posessing those?

I took the OP to mean how many laws could you be charged with breaking at any given second. For example, you could buy some meth and carry it around for a week. Then when you steal a car with a baby in it, if caught then, you’d have 3 charges against you at that moment.
HeyHomie, no fair with the padding! Can we get a ruling here?!? :smiley:

“Unlimited followers to do his bidding”. Hmm… Since murder is a state crime in the US, technically two murders committed in two different states are two different crimes. How about having one follower in each state with a machine gun, in communication with the leader (not sure exactly the best way to get people in all the states communicating with each other, but with unlimited funds, I’m quite sure the leader could come up with something). The leader tells everyone at the same time to let loose with their machine guns. Now maybe the leader isn’t guilty of murder (or would he be? I seem to recall that at least in some circumstances you can be guilty of murder if you are part of a group that kills someone even if you yourself did not do the killing yourself), but I’m sure things could be adjusted to make the leader an accessory before the fact.

OK then, let’s try this:

A convicted felon carrying a gun [1] steps onto a plane [2] with a knife in his pocket [3]. He’s boarding the plane using fake tickets/boarding pass [4], a fake ID [5], and a fake passport [6] with an expired visa [7]. He’s from a nation whose residents aren’t allowed to come to the US due to sanctions [8]. Furthermore, he’s on a terrorist watch list but got past Security anyway [9]. With him is a 12-year-old prostitute [10,11] from Cuba [12]. In his wallet are photos of him having sex with her [13]. He’s got his hand on her butt [14]. He’s taking her across state lines to have sex with her [15].

So, without a carry-on bag full of controlled substances (hence the accusation of “padding” :stuck_out_tongue: ), he’s got two items that he can’t take on a plane (gun and knife).

Here’s how I work it out: simply by being a felon in posession of a gun, he’s already violating one law. When he steps onto the plane, he’s commited two crimes (posessing the gun in the first place, AND bringing it onto the plane). Being a felon doesn’t prevent him from having a kife on his person, but you cannot bring a knife onto the plane, so that’s three. At this point, I could pad his list of crimes significantly by having him bring other items that are prohibited on a plane (scissors, etc.). But I won’t. The fake tickets, fake ID, fake passport and expired visa are all crimes as well. I’d imagine that needling past airport security when your name is on a terrorist watch list isn’t a crime in itself, but actually getting on the plane is. As for the prostitute - I’m not sure that simply being in the company of a prostitute is a crime, but I think the authorities would find something to charge him with, particularly if she’s a child. Thus, travelling with a 12-year-old prostitute is TWO crimes at once: one, because she’s a child, and the other, because she’s a prostitute. By having his hand on her butt when he boards the plane, he’s also guilty of child molestation.

Somebody’s been visting THIS SITE!

Car scenario, don’t forget open container laws … have the alcohol still in the vehicle.

Plane scenario, have him or her shoot out to disable the smoke detector on the way in.

Knives don’t have to look like knives … something plastic and sharp (“letter opener”) concealed in an innocuous looking object (concealed and a weapon and a blade longer than Xinches) … or have him her buy a soda can and contrive a weapon out of that once past security.

both senario’s, have them naked (public indecency), clutching a laptop that is burning some pirate software. The laptop being set to automatically download kiddie porn at the desired second. Have the person be on probation for any of the acts, and I think that is another criminal charge.

A man has a nuclear weapon (1), and detonates it within a large city of ten million people (2-10,000,001) killing or injuring all.

Have his unlimited number of followers break the law in every country in the world simultaneously. In that fashion, even if you just commit murder in over 100 countries, you’ll be breaking OVER ONE HUNDRED separate laws… that basically forbid the same thing.
Hmmm. Lots of opportunity for rules lawyering on this one.

I used to live on a farm that was adjacent to the property of a federal prison (which was thankfully far out of sight). A few dozen feet over on federal property – and, I might add, hundreds of yards of deep woods from the unseen prison fence – was a great spring-fed swimming hole, and friends and I used to go skinny-dipping there all the time. I always wanted to hold a Commit Multiple Harmless Crimes party – ie, get a bunch of people to tresspass on federal propety, NAKED, drink beer in open containers and consume possibly illicit substances, smoke Cuban cigars, conceal firearms, forge million-dollar checks, tear the labels off mattresses, disseminate the descriptions of a Major League Baseball game without express written consent, etc. Never did, much to my regret.

Ah, youth.

You folks are much more creative, though. I never would have come up with the underage Cuban hooker.

Hikacking a thread is not a federal offense, right?

Yeah, unlimited funds and unlimited followers means that in one second you could break most every law known to man (if you pick the right second).

I’ll just add that if we’re doing the car-based crime thing, you must have a trunkload of Jarts that you are intending to sell!

ok ok ok…

Let me clarify:

count each “count” only once, once a particular crime has been commited, duplicates will not be counted. Lets put a maximum of 2 additonal people (Willing or not) that must be within 2 feet.

I guess, it would be more accurate to imply that a “snapshot” has been taken, and its a relative to the old “What’s Wrong?” puzzles.