How many members Ignore me?

Is there any way for a user to know whether (s)he’s on someone’s ignore list, and how many? I’m getting paranoid that I’m a pariah.

Why is there a blank post on the first page? Mods - looks like a database glitch.


No Lumpy, you’re pretty cool in my book (or, at least you haven’t written something completely egotistical and so full of pure unadulterated crap that I simply had to push the button).

you’re not on my ignore list. However I think PMs are blocked if you are on someone’s ignore list. So send a PM to someone requesting a response and if you don’t get one that should be a red flag.


Not to hijack the thread or anything, but a question occurs to me. If I have someone on an ignore list, are threads they started visible? Would I see a list of responses with just the OP missing, or is the whole thing gone?

I guess their posts are hidden from view, but what about thread titles?

I’ve never used the ignore function, but I just tried it to answer bucketybuck’s question.

The thread title is still there. The first entry appears with the OP’s name. Then the text of the OP is replaced by “This message is hidden because Lumpy is on your ignore list.” While composing the response however, the text of the OP (seen by scrolling down from the reply box) is replaced by “This user is on your Ignore List.”

Now, off to unignore Lumpy. :wink:

That doesn’t explain why you don’t have ME on ignore, John. I’m am morally certain that I have written more purely unadulterated crap replete with conceit than anyone else on the board.

Well at least you are memorable that way, Skald. (Actually, your posts are the opposite of how you describe them. They are a pizza with everything, but different every time.)

Lumpy, I can’t imagine why anyone would put you on an ignore list. If people don’t acknowledge your posts it probably means that either you aren’t posting enough or we just agree with you. Hey, fella!

Well in several threads recently I’ve posted some remark, the remark goes completely unmentioned, and then someone else posts the same remark as original and then they get comments. It’s either my paranoia or my narcissism acting up.

Don’t take it personally, happens to me all the time. It used to bother me but I’ve learned to let it go.

Have you thought about becoming an attractive woman in your 20s? If you do that people will endlessly reply to anything you post, no matter how asinine.

Doesn’t always work (if I don’t qualify, please don’t tell me)

That’s because we don’t have avatars. People have to go the photo gallery to see what you look like. Most of the people who would be affected don’t–they don’t want to be seduced by your feminine wiles. :smiley:

Hey! You’re still around, cool. I thought you had left.

Nah. Skald, compared to some posters here, you are an veritable icon of restrait and humility (and occasionally amusing, a highly redeeming quality). Like I’ve said before, during my Usenet days it was de rigeur (and trivial) to killfile obnoxious posters, trolls, spammers, and other assoc. lowlifes, so I have absolutely no problem doing it here. Sometimes I’ll click on their posts, just to see if they have been behaving themselves, and that may get them off the list.

I once put Spartacus on my ignore list. Almost the entire Internet disappeared. Weird.

I don’t have you on my ignore list. But that’s because I don’t have anyone on my list, I don’t use the darn thing.

It’s easy to figure out, actually. You’ve already done step one: start a thread asking if people are ignoring you. Step two is to count the number of people who reply. Including my reply, right now that’s 15. Step three is to look at the bottom of the main page to get the total number of members. Currently, it’s 87,079.

Simple math then tells us that 87,079 - 15 = 87,064 people have you on their ignore list.

Hope that helps.

Yeah, I think it happens to all of us. Sometimes I’m thinking, “What the…? I said this in, like, post 4. You can’t even tell me you stopped reading the thread as it got longer, because I said this as the third response. Gah!” Or I’ll be reading, and have that same exact thought, with the word “I” replaced by “[Insert Doper Name Here].” It’s just a thing that happens. No biggie. That or everybody hates you, whatever.

Well, sure there’s always that. :smiley: However, I’ve always assumed that my opinions weren’t important enough to make people hate me. It is a strange phenomenon though.

Nor do I. I can’t imagine a post on the internet bothering me that much.