How many more Fropis must die you evil whoreslut wife?

Yeah, but tell me you didn’t have a good time! :slight_smile:

That’s the first time I’ve heard the term fropi, and I have an instant, knee-jerk dislike for it.


You wouldn’t have to tell me but one time.

Red Baron is a nice compromise between “price” and “taste”, but only when they’re on sale two-for-$7. They’re not worth the usual five buck pricetag.

Nobody here will even look at Tombstone pizzas. “Mom, you didn’t buy Tombstone, did you?” And they disconsolately make themselves bologna sandwiches instead, my poor starving children…

And BTW, the Better Half also has “special stuff” in the freezer and the pantry, which you better believe I leave strictly alone–because those are the raw ingredients for the weekly event known as “Uh-Oh, Daddy’s Cooking Sunday Lunch”, and if his whole broccoli spears and 5 lb. bags of boneless skinless chicken breasts and canned cheese sauce aren’t there at 11:00 on Sunday when we get home from church, that means that I have to come up with something.

“Mom–Tombstone?” And they disconsolately make themselves bologna sandwiches instead…

“All you have to do is clean the house, and tell the dry cleaners not to starch my shirts.”

Dude, I feel an instant bond. Your are my brother.

“Oh, and you have to buy Diet Coke. We must always have Diet Coke.”

Woah, nevermind.

andros get up on the wrong side of the bed?

Did you notice that Diet Coke’s formula seems to have changed a bit lately? It’s less… watery, more cola taste. More body.

AUUUGGGGHH!!! :: smacks Cisco with a pizza box ::

I know, the Diet Coke was a dealbreaker for me too. I mean, the chair of the gods and your beverage of choice is Diet Coke? This is some sort of crime isn’t it?


Nope. I just figured if Scylla felt comfortable calling his wife an evil whoreslut in public he wouldn’t mind my doing so as well.

I dunno how well that logic applies, andros. I would enjoin you not to refer to my girlfriend as “the girl I’m taking home tonight” even if I should happen to do so publicly.

Dang… Scylla sounds like my wife when I eat the last of the Ben & Jerry’s.

Just go and get more! Shit. It’s not like you have to make them yourself.

Anyone wanna bet Smeagol laid down the law like this to Mrs. Smeagol somewhere around year 50 of taking care of his Precious?


Does anybody honestly find the way Scylla talks about his wife amusing?

Maybe (hopefully) this isn’t how he talks to her in real life, but I find this completely disrespectful and appalling. Just because his wife doesn’t see it doesn’t make it right.

It may be a “joke,” but if I were the subject of such “hilarity,” I’d be very hurt.

We’re all assuming that she doesn’t read the boards, DW. I know I started editing my references to family a bit more when the Better Half registered here.

Lots of other people vent about family members–it’s what the Pit is for.

There’s venting, and there’s just plain meanness. Calling your wife a “whoreslut” and the ensuing insults in the rant falls in the latter category.

She has ways of getting back at him.

They own a 4-wheeler.

… or some pig-heavy plow implement of some kind.


I don’t see the problem, Maegs. I easily see your example as a joke–largely because it doesn’t involve calling her what I find to be pretty nasty names.

Like DarkWriter, I don’t get it, and it’s not a choice I would ever make, regardless of anonymity. But then, it’s none of my business.

Scylla, please accept my apologies. I should not have said anything in the first place.

Oh, she does, she does.