How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Including house slippers, sandals, and anything else… how many pairs of shoes do you currently own?

At the moment, I have 5 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of sandals… so, 8 total.

A dozen or so?

Old joggers
New joggers
Trail running shoes (nice ones, good for most occasions)
Shiny Shoes (Black RM Williams boots)
Three pairs of Blundstones boots in various states of decay
A pair of steel capped, elastic sided safety boots
A pair of Docs (shoes though, not boots) that pinch me, largely redundant since the RMW boots.
A pair of thongs (flip-flops, jandals - no underwear jokes)
Several pairs of employer issued “lesbian boots” (like Army boots, but not) that I refuse to wear.

I could get by with just the trail runners, the RM’s, a pair of Blunnies, and the thongs, if I had to. What can I say, I’m a man. My girlfriend recently counted and has sixty-something pairs of shoes. :eek:

2 pairs of sneakers.

3 pairs of dress shoes (2 black/1 brown).

1 pair of casual laced shoes (brown).

C’est tout.

Checkerboard Vans slip ons (black and white)
Airwalk Diamond pattern slip ons (brown and white)
Plain black slip ons
Black Chuck Taylors
Brown Plaid fake Chuck Taylors
Black Beatle Type boots.
Black dress shoes.

Plus 3 or 4 pairs of older shoes I wear to do yardwork or other things that may require not nice shoes.


Used to have three at any given time until I started running Now I have: work shoes, walking shoes, running shoes, Crocs.

Every day walking around shoes
Dress shoes - brown
Dress shoes - black
outside running shoes
inside running shoes
messy outside shoes
cycling shoes
work boots
3 pairs of sandals for various things

I’ve also got three or four pairs sitting at my parents house ready for when I go home.


One pair of white sneaks for tournaments, one pair of hiking boots, and two pair of basic black.

New sneakers
Old sneakers
Brown chukkas
Black beetle boots (low heeled)
Flip flops

So, five. I used to have a couple of pairs of loafers, spare boots, and a couple of old pairs of Chucks laying around, but I brought a girl home one night and she said “Oh. So you’re a shoe guy.”

I’m not, really, so I downsized.

3 - work, gym, yard work

So i assume you are asking guys this - because I don’t know - but I think my last count was up over 25. But I’m a girl! I must have cute shoes!

I do regularly purge though - and most of my shoes I get on sale - for $20 or less.

Eleven, I think, counting my three pairs of slippers but not counting the three or four fallen-apart pairs of shoes that are still in my closet because I keep forgetting to get rid of them.

-regular everyday shoes in brown and black
-two pairs of sneakers
-two pairs of dress shoes
-rain boots
-three pairs of slippers

I’m female, but I don’t enjoy shopping. Two of the pairs of slippers were gifts last Christmas, and all my other shoes are at least three years old.

Usually I have 2 pairs - a work pair and an everything else pair of joggers plus an old pair in the boot of the car for emergencies. A couple of weeks ago i stuffed my foot and have acquired 3 other pairs (one work pair and 2 pairs of running shoes) one size bigger than usual to cope with the fat foot.

I may go for the “girl minimum” acheivement here - I count eight

-2 everyday shoes
-3 dress shoes

I hate shopping too. Especially for shoes (long narrow feet. Shoe manufacturers don’t believe in me). My everyday shoes were recent gifts, everything else is between 2 and 15 years old. Maybe I should count my dress shoes as belonging to the kids, 'cos they wear them a lot more than me!


I’ve got:
Everyday sneakers
Sturdy hiking boots
Black dress shoes

My everyday shoes need replacing, and I could probably use another pair of dress shoes that fits in the “casual but nice looking” area.

Well, it’s surprising, once I add it up. I would’ve said four or five, but then I began to add in all the stuff I wouldn’t really count, and man, there’s a lot of it:

2 pair dress shoes
1 pair sneakers for daily use
2 pair sneakers for garden/woodshop use
1 pair hall bargies
1 pair flip flops
1 pair sandals
2 pair casual dress
1 pair dressy boots
1 pair heavy boots for snow shovelling
1 pair hiking shoes
1 pair hiking boots

That’s 14! I’m stunned. I have to say, however, that almost half of it never gets worn. And I could easily get by with 1 pair of dress shoes, the hiking boots, one casual dress, the hall bargies, one set of sneakers and one set of boots. So I need six. 14 is a luxury.

1 pair of dress shoes
1 pair of less-dressy shoes (I’ve seen men wear these same shoes to work, but I normally would only wear them with jeans.)
1 pair of sneakers.
1 pair of hiking boots.

1 or 2 pair of slippers,
1 pair of dirty outdoor sneakers, 1 pair of clean sneakers,
1 pair of running shoes,
1 pair of heavy boots,
13 pairs of “shoes” ranging from casual boat shoes to formal shoes.

That’s 19 pairs of shoes. Except for the formal shoes, not a single pair are black, because I think it’s such a boring color. I should really have a pair, in case of funerals.

Somewhere in the thirties, I believe? I used to work in a shoe store.

My roommate has three, though, to balance out the average.

I wear size 10. I swear some manufacturer’s are convinced that girls with size 10 feet should wear bricks with rope around them - and I can’t stand ugly shoes. But I think that’s part of the reason why I now have so many. Because when I do find cute shoes for a reasonable price - I want them.

I was a victim of “default dressing” - I used to buy clothes/shoes if they fit and were inexpensive. Now I refuse to wear clothes/shoes unless they make me happy.