How many people do you know?

An extremely broad, variable question, but I’m curious. I want to get sense of how many people an averagely sociable person meandering around life comes to know. And of course, “know” has a lot of meanings. I guess we’ll need somewhat less vague categories and use percentages:

The Amorphous Social Mass - People you’ve heard about, who’s about two or three degrees separated from you. They teem in the background. Usually calls you when you win the lottery.

The Hi-Friend - These you meet, sort of forget about, but both parties feel obligated to acknowledge the other anyway. For me, when I see them in the hallways, I say hi, they say hi, and we pass without stopping to chat, much to both our reliefs, I’m sure.

The Casual Acquaintance - These people you stop for, but the ensuing conversation SUCKS ASS. I keep this awful smile on my face and nod and laugh stupidly just to be polite.

The Friend - Comfortable to be around, usually invite to movies or parties.

The Good Friend - These relationships have glorious history behind them. Will call up for midnight stealth missions.

Bestest Friend in the Universe EVAR - You’ll know it if you have one. Makes life worth living. Sometimes people marry them.

Obviously, celebrities and historical figures don’t count…unless you happen to know them personally.

I tried to list everyone I know the other night but gave up. I know it’s not more than 200, and most likely far fewer. I would say a large chunk falls within the Amorphous Mass, Hi-Friend, and Casual Aquaintance categories, 60%? 70%? Then about 15-20% Friends, 5% for Good Friends, and unfortuately, I don’t have a best friend. More like two Super Good Friends I can’t pick between. So 1% for that category, I guess.

I’m guessing 500-600.

This gets sticky when you factor in people you know, and people you’ve known.

This might be more accurately represented by “people you already know, that you might see in a years time”.

Given that filter, I’d say 300-400.

Good categories. I was going to go by how many people I recognize and how many of them recognize me in that case I’m going to guess 200 or 300 at least.

But if I break it up let’s see how it adds up;

The Amorphous Social Mass about 150 at least.

The Hi-Friend about 50

The Casual Acquaintance 30 OR 40 but I define it somewhat differently. Like a friend only because you do things with them but other than being part of the same large group when going somewhere you don’t really talk or hang out.
The Friend 12 or so.

The Good Friend 5

Bestest Friend in the Universe EVAR 1 person but I also define it differently because my Bestest Friend is a guy and we ain’t gettin’ married.

Does anyone really know anyone? :dubious: