How many people know what term is being described by this definition?

We played trivia at a bar quiz last night. My wife answered one the questions, and it turns out she was the only one in the bar who had ever heard of the term they wanted. We’ve asked around since then, and just one of her friends has ever heard of the word.

So, here is the question. Who here can answer it without Googling?

TERMS - What word is used to describe a square-shaped fingernail with oval edges?

We’re curious to see how well-known the word is. If no one posts it, I’ll post it tonight.

Squoval? Why do I know this?

… probably because I read anything when waiting to see a doctor/haircut.



If you can still squedit, you should squoiler that squanswer, SQUE-Sabbath. :slight_smile:

Not a clue. I’m guessing it’s some sort of industry term that manicurists would probably know, but not many people in the general public…

Wait… Squoval? That’s a real word???

Yeah, it’s squoval.

Although after a quick Google, apparently it’s been trademarked.

Sounds like a good Balderdash word. Being a made-up, trademarked word, though, maybe not.


We need an option for “I thought I knew the answer, but it turns out I was wrong and now I messed up your poll.”


I’d never heard till now. I bristle at the definition given – what the hell is an “oval edge?” This illustration shows it more clearly as halfway between square and oval.

I would have called them… French tips

…but I could be wrong. Don’t know really, I never had them myself.

Fff. Was I actually right? That’s weird. It just kind of floated up in my head like the question to a Jeopardy answer.

Well, since I’ve had one manicure in my life, I’m okay with not knowing that word. :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s what I thought too, probably because that’s the only term I know related to nails.

No idea.

I’m having trivia night with my family this weekend. I hope this question comes up.

that’s a word? hmm… squangle, squacle. are there real words for these shapes too?

I cheated and googled the answer. Man I can’t believe there’s an entire online maganzine devoted to fingernails :slight_smile:

It wasn’t what I thought it was but it does make sense at least.

The site I found on google says its a relatively new term. The only shapes I would have been able to identify would be: chewed, short, long, really long, and weird.