How many people on Kirk's "Enterprise"? 430 (Canonical reference)

There had been some debate about the number of folks onboard Kirk’s “Enterprise.” Well, I was watching “Tomorrow is Yesterday” (the USAF pilot is beamed aboard and they have to return him), and McCoy states that there are 430 people on this ship. Case closed.

Yeah But what is the ratio of Men to Women?
A Piece of the Action Kirk states “Dere are over 400 guys up there.” :smiley:
So does that mean there are only 29 women? :wink:

Of course, Kirk could have been using “guys” in a more general sense. How many women are ever actually seen onscreen?

“Case closed” is a little rigid. There were 430 onboard at that time. There are other citations throughout the original series for how many people are onboard the Enterprise. I believe the lowest is during Captain Pike’s tenure, which for some reason I am remembering as 102.

Trust me, KXL, as obsessive as Star Trek fans are, if it were as simple as it being said one time and that would settle it, there wouldn’t be any discussion about it.

I don’t understand why the exact number should be significant. Any military structure is going to have constant transfers in and out, as well as moments of short-staffing and over-staffing. 430 may be the standard complement, but the number would vary slightly on a monthly basis. Every time the Enterprise docks at a starbase, people are most likely coming and going, but these mundane details aren’t likely to make it into the episode.

Also, the security staff seems to get killed off at an alarming rate.

With the super-short skirts they were wearing at the time, too many female crew members might prove very distracting! :wink:

But I saw only two guys! Mebbe dere ain’t no more!

Probably was their stock crew complement answer, like on TNG it was always 1014, never more, never less.

Dang, I think I’m having problems with my integers today, because now I remember the line as “203.” Maybe I’ll check when I get home.

From Charlie X

Captain of the Antares: Over 400 in a crew of a starship isn’t
there Captain?

Kirk: 428 to be exact.
From the Cage

Pike: Tired. You bet I’m tired. I am tired of being responsible for 203 lives and deciding which mission is too risky and who goes on the landing party and who doesn’t, and who lives and who dies.

Thanks, Icerigger saved me from hunting for the tape, then hunting for the spot.

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