How many persons would you say you love?

For purposes of this thread, you may consider that you love someone if the following is true: If you found out that the person died, and then, within the hour, that you had won a $100,000 lottery jackpot, you would still consider it an awful lday.

By that criterion, how many persons would you say you love? How many of them would you say love you back, by the same standard?

ETA: Please restrict yourself to living persons you actually know; fictional characters are likewise disqualified. Abby Scuito cannot count; neither can Paul Newman. Pauley Perrette only counts you could walk up to her and have her recognize you without prompting.

The love part would be at least 10 but I doubt more than 15. The “return” part I never considered.

Seventeen people definitely, with another five or so on the cusp.

Two. My brother and my boyfriend. Used to be four, but my parents have both died.
(And I’m pretty sure those are also the same people who would also love me back).
Quality over quantity, I say.

Me too - two. DH and one friend. All anyone needs, I think. And these are both reciprocated.

By that criterion? Around 30 plus. I have a pretty big extended family; my mother, siblings, their spouses, children and grandchildren; my first cousins; probably about a half dozen of my closest friends.

3 to both questions. I like and care about many more than that, but I can only truly say I love 3 people.

Wife, my family, her family, a handful of genuinely close friends. I’m guessing a couple of dozen people more or less.

Zero and two.

Truely love—seven, with daHubby being #1.

I think this thread will show clearly those who are close to our extended family and those who aren’t. I grew up surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Hence my answer of 17. If you didn’t experience that, I can understand why your numbers would be much smalller – like the several people who gave answers of 2 or 3.

Around 25 in both directions.

4: Daughter, wife, parents.


I don’t like the criteria. There are a lot of people that I don’t love, but would give up $100,000 to keep alive- like my brother in law or my step father. I’d keep them alive because I wouldn’t want to hurt their spouses, whom I do love.

But my “love” list:
Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Nephew, Girlfriend.

So 6.

7 - all family.

Not necessarily; only 4 of mine are family or “family-in-law”. We have a very tight and extended family so I’ve sort of grown up getting used to their deaths. The deaths of friends close enough to love is another thing. Although as I age that is getting easier to take as well.

That criteria doesn’t quite work for me, either, as the answer would be in the 100s.

But, if I change it to who I would give up the money to get them back alive and well, I get as few as 5, all family.

Return would be actually higher.

Chessic Sense, this isn’t one of my silly hypotheticals. Nowhere did I write that winning the $100,000 had anything to do with the person’s death. I wrote that the knowlege of the person’s death was sufficiently devastating that winning a small fortune did not improve the day.

Zero and zero. <sigh>

On the flip side the only person I hate is that stupid cat (ok he’s not a person but…) who looks in my window at night (I have a basement AKA Garden, apartment) and then stares at me. But when I go out and try to pet him he’s all like “Ew stay away from, me.” Like I’m not good enough to pet him.