How many professional baseball games will you attend this season?

I hope to make it to at least one Yankee game if I am in NY this summer. If the schedule permits, maybe a Mets game with my brothers, who are mostly Mets fans.

I may also be able to see a couple of games here in Panama during the championship series next month.

I said 11-20 games, but none of them will be MLB games. There’s a AAA team in the town where I live, and AA and AAA affiliates within a few miles of my parents’ home as well.

I also go to one or two college games a year at the school where I work, but they’re not professional games.

A dozen. My girlfriend has realized the joy of Really Good Seats and likes baseball, so she’s been talking about going more as the weather heats up. Also, my boss, a New York transplant and a Yankee whore, asked if I wanted to go to some.

So, yeah. Hopefully I’ll be headed to a bunch of them this year.

Maybe no MLB games, but I might watch some Blue Jays games.

I wish it was a joke. Look at their roster.

I said 11-20. i live in toronto and will probably see all or most of the Red Sox games (as that is who I grew up - and still - root for). What’s that, 8 or 10 games? I’ll probably see another 6 or 8 games against other teams I might find interesting in some way (NYY, LAA, Min, Chi, TB, Texas, maybe seattle depending on the pitching matchup).

I’m also toying with the idea of a few road trips to Fenway and Yankee stadium if I have the time and motivation to get it done.

I’ll probably head to a couple of Jays games this year. Assuming the the Phillies-Jays series doesn’t get moved (due to the G20 summit. Big thanks to the Feds for that) and Halladay is pitching, I’ll be at that one. Throw in a couple of lazy Sundays and a guys’ night out and that’ll be my quota.

I’d say 6-10. I’ll probably get to 2 or 3 spring training games this month and a few D-backs games in the regular season. I haven’t really looked at the D-backs home schedule this year, but it has got to be better than last year with all those April home games.

American football is the only sport I will watch. OK, sometimes women’s tennis.

So, zero.

Unfortunatly, I won’t be closer then 3 hours to any major league park this year. I tried to make the Dodgers final homestand last year but couldn’t get away. I love going to games but I managed to live in the middle no where 3 hours from a minor league team and 6+ to a major. The one thing I miss about Houston was how close I was to Minute Made park, I’ve gotten to see as many games as I did that summer.

I will probably go to about 10 games this year, hopefully more, but last year it was around 10. I had a 20 game season ticket package last season, but want to just buy other people’s tickets this year. I travel for work a great deal and end up having to sell or swap my games anyway. Main advantage of season tickets is that it’s always the same seats and you have first crack at post-season tickets. I would like to attend more toward 20-40 games a season, but time and budget does not allow for it.

You have to start taking Royals fan advice - look to the future. Lind and Snider are great young talents. Your rotation is going to be terrible, but they’ll develop over the season. Your bullpen will…give you more time to enjoy the atmosphere?

I voted 6-10, but it will be 5 Single A games (go Spinners!) and hopefully a single Red Sox game. Multiple Sox games per year is way outside my budget.

I have 6 games as part of a group season ticket. I usually pick up two or three more. And of course, after answering, I realized the plan a group of us have to do a couple of minor league trips this year. If those come off it will take me out of the 6-10 and into the next category.

If the last few years are any indication: around 2 Mets games at Citi, 2 Brooklyn Cyclones games in Wappingers Falls (the NY-Penn League team for the Rays), maybe one more random minor league game in Jersey (last years it was the Sussex Skyhawks vs the now defunct and wonderfully named American Defenders of New Hampshire). I would go to a Mets AA game in Binghamton if there was someone on the team I really wanted to see – it’s about 2 hours for me, though.

Also: I would go see a game at the new Yankee Stadium if someone would cough up cheap enough tickets and go with me.

I said 11-20.

I’ll get to 8 or 9 (mostly minors, and probably the Twins’ new park) on my annual Baseball Trip.
On top of that, I usually see a handful of Kane County Cougars games each year (the closest professional team to my house), and possibly a couple Cubs and/or White Sox games, but only if tickets happen to fall in my lap.

I’ll probably make it to a handful of Rochester Red Wings (AAA Twins affiliate) this year.

Back when they were the Orioles affiliate I saw a ton of great players before they made it to The Show. But I can’t remember the last time I saw a AAA game that had any future Major League stars in it.

Do prospects even play AAA any more?

I checked off 0, but that’s only because I read it as “How many professional ***basketball ***games…”

Baseball is a whole 'nother ballgame. I’ll probably go to between 6 and 10 baseball games this year

I put 6-10, because that’s almost a certainty. There’s a chance i’ll get into the 11-20 bracket.

Most of them will be Padres games, although we’re going to be in the Bay Area for a couple of weeks, so i might get to see one or two Giants and/or Athletics games. Also, LA isn’t too far away, and i really like Dodger Stadium, so if we get up there i’ll probably try to get to a game.

I usually go to 6-10 but this year I did a massive project for a client with a very nice season ticket package. It’s 4 seats (so I can bring 2 friends and a date), and I’ve scored the tickets many times before but this year I really kicked ass for the client so I am really hoping to get more. Last year, I even went by myself a couple times!

You’re like 20 minutes and 6$ away from a Rock Cats game. Worth 1 or 2 a year at least if you like baseball!

Yes,a good majority of baseball stars play in AAA. Minor league baseball is great!