How many professional baseball games will you attend this season?

A couple of comments in this thread made me think this might be a reasonable companion thread.

How many games, if any, do you think you’ll make it to this season? Unlike the other thread, this poll can include MLB regular season games, pre-season games or other exhibition games (such as the All-Star Game), minor league games, and games from other professional leagues in the US or in other countries. I am, however, excluding college and Little League games or other organized games where the athletes aren’t being paid a salary to play.

If you’re a season ticket holder at any level, I’d appreciate it if you’d also share what percentage of the games in your package you normally attend, and how long you’ve had your season tickets.


I’m not likely to make it to any major league games.

I’ll probably make it to a few Texas Longhorns college games, and maybe a Round Rock Express (minor league affliate of the Astros) game or two.

I’ve been a Dodger mini-plan holder for…well, I think this will be my fourth season. This year, I’ve got a 28-game ticket package. While I’m likely to not be able to go to every single one of them, I’m sure I will go to a couple of games down in Anaheim during the season, and I’m also hoping to hit up Cleveland and maybe one or two others. So I put myself solidly in the 21-40 game range.

Put me down for zero. Unless the Pirates build a new park, that is. That was the reason why I attended the last Pirate game I took my kids to.

I live a few miles from The Charlotte Knights stadium (AAA Chisox affiliate.) I usually go to 5 - 6 games a year. I’ll be attending on April 1 when the big league club plays an exhibition against the Knights.

In all likelihood, zero. Even growing up in an MLB town, I only attended, I think, five Indians games in my first 18 years of life, plus perhaps two Phillies games and two Delaware Blue Rocks while I was at school in Philadelphia. Given that I now live hundreds of miles from any MLB team, it’d be even less likely that I’d go to one.

I might go to a White Sox game, or head up to Milwaukee for a Brewer game, but neither plan is etched in stone right now.

Also possible that I might hit a minor-league game.

I’ll probably go to about half a dozen.

Sadly, no major league teams nearby. If I’m lucky, I might be able to swing a trip to New Comiskey (whatever it’s called) and/or Fenway. But regardless I’ll probably end up at a handful (less than five) of Nashville Sounds games - they play in the Pacific Coast League. I especially like it when they play the Albuquerque Isotopes.

Indianapolis has a fantastic minor league stadium, and I go every chance I get. I’m trying to figure out a way to make it to the entire opening home stand (7 games), which will get me off on the right foot this season.

Partial season-ticket holder for the St. Louis Cardinals - will probably attend around 25 games at Busch this year. We hold a third of the home games (so 27) so that’s, what, 92% attendance. It might go a bit lower, depending on travel, etc…

Had those tickets since 2006, and since that season ended so well it’d be hard to give them up now.

I try to get to 10 a year, but now that I’m not working downtown as much, it’s more of an expedition. Probably it’ll be less, which is why I said 1-5.


I likely won’t get to any. When I was in college, in Baltimore, I used to get to at least half a dozen a year, but there’s a big cost and time difference between “take a taxi down to the ballpark and grab a $5-10 ticket” and “drive to Boston or NYC, park, get an overpriced ticket for one of those stadiums, and get home afterwards”. Baseball is more of a $20 night than a $200 night for me; YMMV.

Holding steady with Never Having been to one.

This is Bobby Cox’s last year managing the Braves. I hope to catch a fair number of games.

I’ve been getting partial season plans (from 8 to 20 games depending on the year) to the Yankees since 1997. Our current plan is 12 games. I’ll probably miss a couple, but then pick up one or two of the company seat games, plus assorted others (visiting the SF bay area in September). So 11-20 is where I fall.

We are partial season ticket holders (have been for about 6 years), but we share some tickets with family and friends. I’m guessing that 11-20 MLB games is the right range for us this year.

Looks almost certain that I will hit a couple of Phillies games in April. I might be back to the West in time to see them play in Dodger Stadium or San Diego. That will be fun. If I am still here I will probably end up getting free tickets from one source or another. That probably means more than 5 games. Fun times!

I’m a St. Louis Cardinal season ticket holder (8 years). Last year I attended 62 games (counting 1 playoff, and 1 All-Star game), and assume I will attend close to the same this year.

The only games we usually miss are weekday day games.

I have a pair of Mets seasons tickets, and also a partial weekend plan with more seats for family outings. I have allocated 26 games to go to, and have 3 other Friday night games where I can/will use them personally if I don’t resell them by game day.

ETA: I’ve been a partial plan holder since 2000 and a full season holder since last year. Brrrr about the 2009 Mets season but I’m back for more punishment.

(If anyone wants good, cheap tix to weeknight Mets games PM me, I resell those at a discount)