How Many Slaves Work For You?

According to this site, we all condone slavery by buying stuff made by slaves and not insisting that the manufacturer find out where the components of their products come from, and using only free trade.

It seems I have 28 slaves working for me.

My desktop computer, light bulbs, hair conditioner and soap jacked mine up.

A cute site, with smooth controls, but … a little hard to get it down perfect. I left the defaults often, and got up to 40, but that’s with sporting goods at default, which I have none of. Still, I used to play sports, own a desktop, plan to buy a plasma TV, so fine tuning isn’t that important.

'Course, you gotta wonder about their definitions of slavery, and their accounting. I can always read more, but when a cute webgame like this makes it all look so hopeless, I for one, just stop caring.

This was something similar here before, a webgame where you tried to live a month as a borderline impoverished person. A little bit of luck got me through that one. Again, if you make it all so hopeless, maybe I just won’t care. That one made a bigger splash on Jayisgames than on here, we’re accustomed to debates of this sort on the SDMB, and we want substantive debate, not flashy graphics.

46 slaves, and that’s not counting my students.

Where’s my mint julep? I feel a song comin’ on.

Apparently 45. Seems to be mostly technology that drive my numbers.

Maybe younger people are more intrigued (and therefore more interested) by the slick presentation?

I found it a huge pain in the rear to get through the survey.

I own no slaves and have none working for me. It doesn’t matter where the components in my purchased goods come from; if any are produced by slaves those slaves are working and earning profits for their direct masters. not for me, profits to which I too contribute by paying for the item. Both slave and myself are probably getting shafted, although I will admit he or she has the worst of it.

I apparently have 75 slaves working for me, after adjusting the scale for my two kids age 2 and under. Their default had them owning 6 sweaters between them… in this climate it was more like 40. Their clothes I had to adjust up to about 5x the defaults. Then for my clothes I had to drop it down to about 1/10 the default (who seriously owns 50 pairs of jeans and 50 leather shoes?).

I’m guessing all the electronics in my recording studio don’t help. I’d trade at least 5 of those slaves for a good production assistant though.

Yeah, I dialed all that stuff waaaay back. I have a quite limited wardrobe.

103 and counting! :eek:

Your slaves must probably have slaves working for them. It’s hard to see how it would be mathematically feasible otherwise, given that there are only so many people.

82, though I bet I’ll hit 100 after Christmas.

Very dodgy. They throw in labour code violations with forced labour with “slavery.” Typical Left drama and exaggeration. Looking at their sourcing this is pure exaggeration.

Well, maybe they’re not working for just you. It’s a slaveshare.

I have no time to complete their survey. These slave quarters won’t build themselves!

I guess if it’s an unpleasant working environment with crap wages (with no other jobs available) then they consider it slavery.

Thinking of it that way, I have been a slave in my lifetime too! :wink:

Not enough, apparently, I couldn’t get the cotton crop in last year and the north forty still needs plowing.

It debases the word slavery to use it in a slipshod manner like that. There are real slaves still in some places in West Africa (Mauritania). Bad working conditions and lack of job choices are not in the same fucking league and it is a bit of excessively precious Leftish labour crap to so pretend.

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So the site is nothing but excessively precious Leftist labour crap?