How many sports fantasy teams do you manage?

I’m wondering if I’ve overstepped myself.

I’m in a fantasy football leagues and have signed up for two fantasy hockey leagues as well as a fantasy NBA league. I’m thinking I’ll probably be ok as I don’t really think there will be too much active management of the hockey and basketball leagues. Just check in once a day to make sure no one is slumping horribly or injured. With the NFL one, I do have to take bye weeks into consideration and I try to take the opposing team into consideration as well.

There is usually an hour in the am when I wake up when I’m playing around online while waking up. I figure I can use part of that time to manage the fantasy teams.

You’ll be fine.

I’m in 2 football leagues and 5 baseball leagues.

I’ve cut down on baseball leagues lately to pay more attention to them - I was in at least 12 a few years ago. There’s a cutoff where managing X teams is no more trouble than managing X+1 team at all - other than logging onto any extra Yahoo accounts or something, which is what deterred me.

It gets to the point where you’re paying attention to all the players whether they’re on your roster or not, because you clearly like the sport - you might as well get some value out of that interest.

3 fantasy football teams, 2 fantasy hockey teams, 3 fantasy baseball teams.

you’ll be fine.

It depends on how much you have wagered.

I have three football teams. Two are free, one is $500 buy-in plus fees for trades and FA pickups.

I have 3 Football Survivor leagues. 1 is free. 1 is $100 with no re-buys (about a 50k pot). 1 is $100, re-buys possible each week (escalating) until week 6. Last year’s pot was 120k.

I have 2 NASCAR leagues. 1 is free, the other is $50.

And if you count gambling on college games “Fantasy”, than I have 3 other bets each week.

Well, they are all free. So, I guess I’m fine. I just don’t want to ever be the person who abandons a league.

I only have one team, in a fantasy football league. Also do pro/college pick 'em, and a survival thing that I’m still alive in so far…

But most of my game time goes to WoW these days.

I have two football teams this season. I usually do exactly three. I had three baseball leagues (after having not played baseball in three or four years and having never played roto scoring), I usually did 2, when I played. I had an NBA league, I only ever have one of those. None of the other sports.

I absolutely disagree with Munch, though. There comes a point where you have a certain number of teams and you can’t realistically manage them as well as if you had one fewer. Unless your managing style involves logging in, checking rosters for injured player icons, auto-declining every trade offer, and logging out (it seems like 90% of owners manage this way), you can’t possibly have enough time in a day to spend looking at 10-12 rosters and all the free agents. If you actually manage your team and work to improve it, you really shouldn’t have more than 3 or so.

I won the Dope All-Pro last year with an absolutely inferior team because I spent so much time working to improve it with trades and waiver claims. I could not have possibly done that well if I had more than 3 teams last year. And I only cared about 2, so I stepped down to 2 this year.

Actually you’re not diagreeong with me. My point is that there is no difference between managing 16 teams or 17. And I also said that I needed to pare that down so that I could actually pay attention to them. That many teams becomes just as you describe, and it’s horribly boring. Much better to go with teams you care about.

There is a difference, albeit small, between managing 16 teams and managing 17. Or between 18 and 19 (for the exact reason you’ve described, and that it takes more actual total time just to update rosters even if all the teams are on the same site). But you’ve exaggerated to an absurd degree there. There is a *big *difference, I’ve found, in managing four teams instead of five. Or five instead of six.

I used to have the max allowed by Yahoo on all 4 major sports and the assorted one on CBS or Fox Sports or ESPN if someone sent me an invite.

I’ve cut back drastically now.