How many things can possibly go wrong (or completely right) on Valentine's Day?

Time: Valentine’s Day afternoon
Place: Bored at work
My Physical Condition: Completely exhausted

Background information: Maeglin has classical fencing every Monday and Wednesday all evening, always goes, and loves going.

Background information specific to this story: Maeglin had to skip this past Monday’s class because one of our cats tore his foot up while he was trying to sleep. There’s no way in hell he was going to skip Wednesday too. I understand this, and have NO problem with it.

So, I’m exhausted and dying to go home. However, it is Valentine’s day, and I didn’t feel like going home just to be in alone and in a state of semi-sleep for 6 hours. So I call my best friend, and he says, hey, him and a friend are going out to a Thai restaurant, and it’s right near my work. They’re meeting at 7:45 PM in front of the restaurant, and I get off work at 6 PM.

I decide it’s not worth going home just to come back to the same place, so I indulge in catching up on some good threads I’d missed up to now, like the whole May 33rd thing (which is now driving me crazy as well). At 7:30 PM, I leave, and get to the restaurant on time. No one is there. I squint through the smoked glass to see if they had already arrived and forgotten about the whole “meeting outside of the restaurant” bit. No sign of them. So I wait.

And wait. 20 minutes go by, at which point my best friend hops out of the restaurant, charging towards the pay phone. I call out, trying not to yell, and find out they’d been in there eating, and hoping I’d “drop in.” Ok - I know I should have walked into the restaurant and looked around, but I hate doing that, squinting at everyone while they eat until I find the people I’m looking for. Plus, outside the restaurant isn’t “at a table in the back.”

So we eat, and they want to go see a movie after. I’m really tired at this point, and decide to start heading home. They insist that I wait with them until 10 PM which is when their movie started. So I do.

I finally get home at 10:20 PM. Maeglin is already home. Flowers are on the kitchen table. I’m thinking oh, he left fencing early. Then I find out he’d been home all along. He wanted to surprise me, skipped fencing, and went straight home, feeling sure I was too tired to have gone out.

And that ain’t the worst part. He’d bought me a Dreamcast. I swear I cried for 1/2 hour right then and there. I’d had such a shitty evening, and there he was at home, which would have been present enough, trust me, AND he’s got Soul Caliber waiting for me.

Geesh. What a keeper he is! Needless to say I’m a little tired today from all that Dreamcasting last night :smiley:

The good part about Valentine’s Day when you don’t have a Valentine, is that when you go out and see women sitting together (hetero women) there’s a darned good chance they are not seeing anyone. Bonus!

The bad part is when I finally got home at 10, I found out my next door neighbor had passed away that morning. He was only 31 years old, but was a regular if not heavy drug user (pot and cocaine for sure, maybe heroin). He had a heart attack four and a half weeks ago, was hospitalized, then had renal failure issues, pneumonia, liver problems, and then a stroke. Very hyper guy (not sure if that was natural or chemically induced). Very bad news for his girlfriend, obviously, then I hear LAST V-Day, her good friend had died in NYC from a drug OD. She’s hoping that the third one will be a charm.

Reminds of something like “I felt bad having no shoes, until I met a man with no feet.”


Hey, I deserve all the sympathy! I endured:

[li]A drive-by feline foot-slashing[/li][li]A week of missed fencing[/li][li]Sitting at home for four and a half hours expecting Pucette to wander in at any moment[/li][li]Not being able to touch a brand new Dreamcast![/li][/ul]


Well, my story isn’t so tragic. Not even close.

This was my husband and my first Valentine’s day since we have gotten married. We don’t have much money, but I wanted it to be special. I gave him seventy dollars spending cash until this friday, that he was supposed to use for my gift as well. Somewhere we mis-communicated and he thought it was supposed to last until “next” friday. So he went out and bought me a sweet card and one of those Dove™ chocolate roses, and some Gladiolas(sp?) instead of roses.

Total cost: 14.00

I was somewhat dissapointed. I went out and bought him this really big encycolpedia on all the cars that have ever been made. It was something that he really likes as well.

I got my gifts on tuesday night because I accidentally walked in on him getting my gifts ready.

Then, I had all of Wednesday planned out. I had planned on going with him to school in the morning. Then we were going to visit two friends of ours in the afternoon. Then we were going home, and I was going to make dinner for us and my parents. I never make dinner. then we were going to snuggle up and watch a PPV movie on TV.

Well this is how it really went:

We didn’t get home the night before until 4:30 in the morning and had to get up by 8:00am. We forgot that we had to drop my mom off at work and pick her up. I couldn’t get to my friends house until 4:30 pm. My parents had a computer class they forgot about that night, so they wouldn’t be home until late. Thus no dinner to be made by tubagirl. My friends and Chris and I ended up going to Denny’s for dinner. We watched PPV at their house, which was “The Cell.” We got home at 11:15 pm totally exhasted. We fell into bed and fell asleep. No Na-Na for Tubagirl :frowning:
Now my husband is going out this weekend to buy me something sparkly to make up for valentines day. He can’t think of a thing I like besides jewlery. How sad.

Maeglin, if I gave you hugs…people would talk. :wink:

but I’m still baffled, so I’ll share it here too. We are in a low $ mode due to upcoming events we really want to do.

I thought I’d do something a little different for V-Day. I went looking for cards and found nothing I liked, so I decided to do my own thing. I got some bright red/fusia post-its and cut hearts out of them. I wrote HFVD on all of them in different styles and colors. (I’ve always signed any holiday with an ‘F’ in the middle for over 20 years…i.e. Happpy Fucking B-Day, Anniversary,New year…it’s my trademark sig.) All of these had something different, HFVD, nope not flowers…, HFVD, nope not candy, HFVD,nope not sex toys, you get the idea. I made about 12 of these hearts and left them everywhere, her sock drawer, the medicine cabinet by her toothbrush, the fridge door, the coffeepot, on the window of her van, on the speedometer, then I went to her work before she got there, and put one on the door, and in the office where she puts her keys, and the last heart on the fry baskets that said 'HFVD, how about dinner tonite, Love Tom.

The response was totally underwhelming. She absolutely bubbled with apathy and indifference. I could have wrapped up a cat turd and done better. I’m not in trouble for anything I know of, but SHIT! I thought I was trying to be romantic. To top it off a friend of hers calls up half toasted and wants to come over so instead of telling her we were on our way to dinner, she says it’s OK to come over. Then she leaves me to entertain her after a half hour and goes to bed!

BTW, not that I really mind, but I received notta. I gave each of the kids an uncirculated 2001 silver dollar for V-day. Next year I’m going with the cat turd, at least I’ll know why she will be brimming with unenthusiasm.

                     later, Tom.

Not tragic eh Tubagirl? :slight_smile:

Hugs to both you and hflathead.

Especially hflathead. I think your idea was really really really sweet. I take it you’re not gonna tolerate insults, so I’ll kindly refrain, but sheeeit! Cat turds might even be too deep and thoughtful :rolleyes:

So, Pucette, you get a Dreamcast, and all of a sudden you and Maeglin are no longer going out for drinks tonight at the NYC Dopers Thursday meeting. Hmmmmm.

Seriously, guys, that’s really sweet. We’ll miss you in Brooklyn, but I’m sure you’ll be having a great time without us.

1st Valentines day New Wife married just under 11 months. we’ve both decided not to spend more than fifty bucks.

This actually starts tuesday. I get home late because my car caught flat. I normally cook but don’t feel like it, so we order pizzas. The kids are of course thrilled.

Ok it’s valentine day. Work is smooth until 3:35. At that time someone in North Carolina decides this part they sent here for repair and haven’t approved the work yet is needed on a plane that leaves today. Ok, grab the tech, resend the quote, shanghai someone from purchasing (hey I’m not staying by myself) to pull the parts. Come on, come on… Parts ready. Find their shipping container, rush to Fed Ex. Elapsed Time 2 hours “I am a God!” Tear out of Fed Ex, must beat wife home, must beat wife home. Get home her cars not there.

Check in with baby sitter, kids are fine, “Mrsstuffinb called, she has to work late, she’ll be home by 6:30” Great Ive got half an hour. I go to my secret place (I have many, my wife’s short so any high in frequently used shelf is perfect) pulled out my gifts (rose, card, chocolates, stuffed gorrilla* that sings “Wild Thing”) Sign card add poem, set up on bed.

I go out into the kitchen to get dinner on. “DAMMIT!” I haven’t been shopping (something I would have noticed tuesday had I not ordered pizza) “Boys tell Ney, I went to the supermarket” Luckily it’s right accross the street. I get back just as she pulls up. The boys come out and we all carry up the groceries. I start putting the groceries away while my wife’s in the bathroom. As I start on the canned goods, I hear a blood curdling scream. I drop a can of grape juice on my now unshod foot.

I limp to the bedroom, moving aside the boys who were brave enough to break away from the video game, but not quite up to actually seeing what’s wrong.

Wife: There’s somthing on the bed.

Me: Where?

Wife: Under my coat

I Step over to the bed a lift her coat, and start laughing. Apparently she didn’t notice the gifts on the bed and saw the gorilla out of her peripheral vision, and threw her coat on top of it.

I suspose it could have been worse