How many threads have been deleted?

I just searched in about half a dozen different ways for an old thread I started, and it seems there is no record of any threads I started before 2006, in any forum.

What’s the deal? What are the criteria, if any, for deleting/archiving threads/posts? Are they ever going to come back?

They may have been lost in the Winter of Lost Content, as it’s known, when there was some server fart and a lot of stuff just vanished into the deserts of the Interweb.

You miss the fact that Eva mentions all threads earlier than 2006. The Winter of our Missed Content was only a small amount compared to the four years she’s been a member previous to this year.

WITCH!!! Burn her!

according to the search function, I’ve not posted in the pit before 2005. the two times I’ve been pitted don’t seem to be around, either (way back when I first joined)

My oldest post I can search for is Feb. of 2006, and I have been posting here since 2000.

I found a thread I started in 11-20-1999.

Very good.

My point, which I thought was self-evident, was that threads from before this year were not deleted (or at least all deleted), which could have been inferred from the previous posts.

Well, your posts are there:

2001: Perfect vs. relative pitch
2002: How to deal w/loved ones with depression?
2003: That sucks rocks! People, especially in…
2004: I bring you the Chernobyl, invented by my insane…
2005: If you can’t find any at the Caribbean butcher,…

However, a search for threads that you started doesn’t show anything before 2006.
Yet this thread you started in 2002 is still there: How to deal w/loved ones with depression?

When I search for threads I started, they show up all the way back.
Perhaps the database hiccupped the last time it rebuilt your threadstarted index?

That’s one helluva hiccup.

When I do a general vanity search there are 750 results returned and they go back as far as Oct. 2005. When I seach GQ alone for my post, I again get 750 results and they go back to 2003. When I search GQ for posts 1 year old and older I got responses from back to 2001.

Here’s a thread you started from 2004:

Here’s one from 2002:

They are still there, evidently. I think the search function here loops through the Fifth Dimension though; many things that are there disappear in the interhamsterian voids.

As a work-around you can set forum to display threads from “the beginning”. Once that’s loaded up click on the heading “thread starter” at the top to re-sort.
In MPSIMS your threads start on page 367. Page 151 in the Pit.

I was just about to start a thread like this! I went looking for a Pit thread I started to link to one I was going to start with a similar theme and could not find any threads I started in the Pit “one year ago or older”.

How’re you all finding these older threads?

Yet here’s one you started in the Pit in 2003:
Did Geraldo actually do this really stupid thing?
I found this the hard way, by looking at all your BBQ Pit posts from the beginning, until I chanced upon one that you started.
It looks more and more like the ‘started by’ index is ausgefucked, at least for some people.

Your diligence and patience has astounded me. I post a helluva lot in The Pit.

Could have saved yourself some trouble by reading my post 14 above. Here are all of Biggirl’s pit threads:
Page 44 (halfway down)
Page 45

Nah, I’ve had a horrible cold for three days now, and I feel like suffering. Besides, I wanted to know if a search would turn them up. A general search does find them, but a ‘threads started by’ search doesn’t.

Well, now that you have all her threads listed you can find unique keywords in each and see what percentage of the others come up in a search. Perfect way to while away the evening. :stuck_out_tongue: