How many times did the characters on Seinfeld get arrested or convicted

Did George get arrested for public indecency after wearing his nude suit and running into a Yankees game?

Didn’t sound like it…

KOREN (O.C.): Alright, Yankees, two. Orioles, nothing. Wait a minute! A short stocky bald man is streaking across the field.
JERRY: Oh my God, George!
KOREN (O.C.): Check that. He’s not streaking. He’s wearing a flesh-tone body-stocking. Apparently, he’s a bit bashful, and oddly, no-one seems upset.

And later, he’s seen on a pay phone inside Yankee Stadium having this conversation:

George is at a public telephone, wearing the flesh-tone body-stocking and looking thoroughly dejected.
GEORGE: Jerry. I can’t get fired.
A passing fan spots him.
FAN: Hey, body-suit man. 's up?
He slaps palms with George, who doesn’t look especially pleased by the attention. The fan points out George to more fans.
FAN: (pointing) Hey, body-suit man!
The fans gather round, making positive noises. George looks resigned to his minor celebrity.

did George and Jerry actually get arrested for urinating in the parking garage or just mall security

Ah, you’re right! I got my pimp coats mixed up!

i don’t recall any friends arrests… closest I recall was Phoebe when she found the cops badge.

Jerry was caught speeding but the cute blonde got him out of the ticket.

Interesting. Both shows are comedies concerning groups of single friends living in New York City, but one has many stories that feature “brushes with the law,” while the other (from your recollection) has, basically, none.

The shows were making different points and coming from different philosophies, I guess, but it’s still an odd disparity.

Well, he characters on Seinfeld were mostly high-functioning sociopaths, so that might figure into it.

Good point. The Seinfeld stories tended to be about People Behaving Badly, whereas I gather that the Friends stories were more about True Love Matches and the rocky road to arriving at them. Which wouldn’t lend itself to urinating in parking garages, so much.

Yup. I don’t know about sociopaths, but self centered narcissists. The characters on friends didn’t really have those personality traits.

Part of why I asked this OP is because I can’t think of a lot of shows where the characters got arrested multiple times over an 9 year period where the characters weren’t being overtly portrayed as criminals.