How many times did the characters on Seinfeld get arrested or convicted

They all got arrested in the series finale, and I know both George & Jerry got arrested for urinating in a parking garage. I think Elaine & Newman got arrested for kidnapping a dog, I believe Jerry & George got arrested once for insurance fraud for using a dentist to get medical massage prescriptions.

Are there other examples? I’m assuming Kramer had quite a few but I don’t remember them.

Did Elaine get arrested when she freaked out at the Yankees game with her boss? I remember she made the local TV news.

George is arrested for trying to tape a movie for bootlegging. His dad Frank has to come bail him out, and gets into a confrontation at the police station with Elaine (“You want a piece of me? You got it!”):

EH-The outtakes of that scene are EPIC!! Same with him trying to say Del Boca Vista.

George and Jerry were each arrested for public urination in The Parking Garage.
ELAINE: **Where have you been?
JERRY: I was arrested for urinating.
**ELAINE: **You what?
**JERRY: **I have uromysitisis. It’s very serious you know.

Kramer was locked up in LA for being a serial killer. Then there was Darren from Kramerica industries:

“Darren is going away for a long long time.”

I remember the episode about the oil ball, but yeah Kramer got away with that one.

Jerry was arrested for trying to pay a hooker to leave his apartment.

I think Jerry and George both got arrested on different charges once in the same episode. It might have been the shoplifting charge for George in the pharmacy and the above situation with the hooker for Jerry. I remember them talking about the cop at the precinct, “There’s no call for that kind of behavior.”

Jerry was also braced by the library cop, but not arrested.

He got clean away with stealing the rye bread from the little old lady.

It was, indeed, the shoplifting/hooker episode, “The Stranded.”

That reminds me, George got arrested for trying to steal a book once because they wouldn’t take the one back he had in the bathroom.

“That guy, Swarm Swarm”

It is implied that he’s going to be arrested there, but the episode ends as soon as the security guards swarm, so if so, it happens off-screen.


(It’s seldom that I peruse the shelves in a Barnes & Noble without wondering if any of the books might have been temporarily ‘borrowed’ by one of the café patrons…)

They still have Barnes & Nobles where you are? In the last decade at least half the bookstores I’ve been to have closed down. I miss being in college and just wasting (depending on how you define wasting) time sitting in the attached coffee shop reading books. Good times. Some book shops are still open. Luckily my city has an awesome library system and I don’t need to buy books anymore.

Jerry got shot by the FBI for stealing cable, but that was just a dream.

Didn’t Kramer get busted once while wearing some kind of pimp outfit?

Yeah, still some B&N surviving. For how long, who can say? (Good to hear you have a good library system; they seem just as endangered as bookstores in some places. :()

In re Seinfeld: as far as I can recall, instances of arrests in the show have pretty much been covered in one post or another.

I was never a viewer of another long-running, set-in-NYC show: Friends. I wonder if the rate of ‘arrest’ storylines in that show is comparable?

Kramer got pinched as well.

Newman got somethinged for his unpaid parking tickets.

Not just wearing it, they thought he was a pimp. Got the coat from the old Alex theater, the hat from some lady when it blew off her head, the walking cane from Elaine when she didn’t need it anymore for the catalog, and the pink Cadillac from the parking guy because his car was in the back and they can’t get it out. He found a hooker turning tricks in the car and both of them got busted

Another one: Kramer was babysitting and the kid ran away from him because he thought he was Frankenstein and got him arrested. All because his jeans were too tight

Jerry was arrested for soliciting prostitution (again) in “The Maid,” after he drove up to his scantily-clad ex-maid and attempted to hand her money through his car window.

Nope, that was the back-up from a traveling production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, provided by its costume designer, Charmaine.