How many times have the Simpsons been stranded somewhere?

Mr. Rilch and I finally broke down and got the first season of The Simpsons on DVD. The commentary, plus the money-saving episode that was broadcast this evening, got me to wonder how many episodes have involved one, several, or all of the Simpson family being stranded somewhere and spending most of the episode getting back.


—The family takes their “RV” (remember those?) into the forest and get lost; Homer is mistaken for Bigfoot.

—They were stranded in the Everglades in that spring break episode or whatever you want to call it.

—They were stranded in Africa.

—Homer was stranded in the 3rd dimension…

—…and in a chile-pepper hallucination.

I don’t count the Japan sequence, since they weren’t lost, just penniless. Or the Lord of the Flies episode, because that focused on surviving, not getting off the island.

Any others?

Oh, and Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and Martin were stranded in Knoxville.

Well…they were stranded in NYC because Homer didnt want to pay to get the boot off his car, though again, they knew right where they were.

Homer, Ned and their sons were stranded at sea.

“Godspeed, little doodle.”

Best episode ever.

“I don’t know where you pixies came from, but I sure do love your pixie drink!”

Lisa got lost when she took the bus to the museum. And Homer has a way of being lost even when he’s the one searching.