How many tooth fillings do you have?

I am 24 and have no fillings so far. But all people I know (my age and younger) have at least one filling. Are there any people out there with no fillings, or am I a freak? :eek:

I have lost mother-effing count. :frowning: :mad:

I don’t have any either. I stopped going to the dentist at 15, because there was just no point!

Don’t have any either.

Glad I’m not alone! I am not a freak :smiley:

BTW, how old are you guys? My father had his first filling at the age of 40-45. Now he’s reaching 60 and hasn’t had another one.
My mother on the other hand, had several tooth repair surgeries. Most of her front teeth are fake and most of the back teeth have fillings :frowning:

None. I’m 28.

I’m 19

0 for 22.

I think I have six or eight. I used to have one more, but it fell out several years ago, and I ignored it because it didn’t hurt. Now I need a crown on that tooth, and it still doesn’t hurt. I almost hope it’ll start hurting because that’ll make me a lot less reluctant to keep the appointment!

40 years old. No fillings.


Reading these posts, I’m ready to slash my wrists.

Of my 26 remaining teeth, 18 have gold crowns. I have 2 bridges, and have had 4 root canals. All but 4 of the remaining teeth have fillings. No dentist has ever been able to figure out why my teeth self-destruct, but I’ve never got past the cavity-prone years. I got two fillings just last month.

I’m 36 and don’t have any yet.

I’m 22 and don’t have any but need at least one. I just don’t have insurance.

31 this year - no fillings yet.

Though I do have a cap on my front tooth from when my brother accidentally (yes, it was accidental!) kicked me in the mouth and broke part of my tooth off. Other than capping, it’s never needed work either.

Holy Moly - NO fillings for some of you - I can’t imagine it.

When I was in my early 20’s I was drinking **a lot ** of pop and eating **a lot ** of candy. I went to the dentist and he said I had 39 cavities - We don’t even have that many teeth! And I WAS brushing my teeth (morning and evening only)

Maybe 2 cavities in the 20 years since - lesson learned!

:smiley: <------ I’m 48 and I’ve never had a filling or cavity. See? Waaah-HOOOOOOOO!

51, four fillings, though I suspect none were required and my dentist at the time was only padding his bill.

The fact are: I had no cavities until I switched dentists. Then he found one a year for four years. The last time I saw him before moving away, he mentioned I had another small one that he would get to on my next visit.

I never went back. And in the 30 years since then, no other dentist has mentioned any other cavity, or found anything in the tooth that supposedly needed work.

2 cavities at 23 years of age.

I suppose some people’s teeth are more prone to problems than others. My mom has one of the most rigorous brushing regimens I have ever seen, and yet she has had a lot of dental work done. She doesn’t eat a lot of sweet stuff either. Though on the flip side, my mom has very straight teeth, and never needed orthodontics (I did).

I had the same thing happen to me. I never went back, and in the 25 years since, NO FUCKING CAVITY. The fucker. My guess is that this practice is widespread.

I have so many fillings in my teeth that when I float in a pool on my back, my head points north.

I haven’t had any fillings since I was about 22, though.