How many TVs have you got in your house then?

Well it’s just the one for me 32" widescreen for DTT and it was purchased last year with a digital tuner built in and so I just connect the aerial to it actually. Also have two TVs with RF input which you can watch old VHS tapes on and so I just wondered what is it like for you then?

We have four, plus I have a little 7" thing I use when traveling.

Of course now that my cable company has an app that lets me watch TV on almost anything, that seems like overkill now.

One TV in the living room, hooked up to cable. One TV in two of the bedrooms with DVD players hooked up to them. (One is never used, and the other one is almost never used.) One TV in another bedroom that’s not plugged in and has its screen facing the wall.

One that’s actually hooked up and another 4 sitting in a room somewhere. I swear, someday I’m going to use them for a “man cave” or something.

We have a few TV sets but only one that currently works. I don’t know what kind it is, something small and not fancy.

47" in the living room, 32" in the bedroom, and something in the low 20s in my husband’s workshop.

I used to have a little one in my studio, but I can’t work and watch TV, so we just got rid of it.

1 activity used HD LCD in the living room, and 1 old CRT TV in a closet, occasionally used for company who stay over in the guest bedroom.

Two. 46" in the living room, 32" in the bedroom. However I’ve used the laptop and smartphone as TVs also so maybe 4. But actual TVs, 2.

Big one in master bed room and big one in “TV Room.” Both approx 50 inches

Medium size one in guest bedroom and another home gym. I’d guess 40 inches each

Small one in home office. 24 inches

So, I guess that’s five. My wife would like on in the kitchen. I’m opposed.

One. And one in the RV.

Two. One in the living room and one in the family room.

One, but it’s in the back of a closet somewhere. I’m one of those annoying people that watch no television and have a house full of books insted.

Just this 23" computer monitor to watch Netflix from. Used to have a TV but the only time I watched it was during soccer World Cup and even that can be legally watched online these days, so I tossed it.

I could technically watch Netflix from my phone as well, but calling a 6" phone a TV is sort of stretching the definition.

Zero. I don’t have time to watch TV.

Just kidding. 52" in the living room, 48" in the basement in front of the treadmill, 32" in one bedroom, 27" CRT in the spare bedroom, 36" CRT in the garage (don’t use it, can’t give it away).

And we have a pretty small house.

I have a house full of books and a television. Does that make me more or less annoying than you are?

One on the ground floor in our {I’m not even sure what the actual name of it is} room. The other upstairs in what used to be a bedroom but that is now, in effect, a T.V. room. The one upstairs was a gift to my wife for the EXCELLENT job she did at work a few years ago. The other one we got from Costco® a couple of years later. They’re both digital sets and we think they’re AWESOME.

Two. One in the living room, and the prior one, from the 20th Century, in the bedroom.

Just one for us. Maybe 32 inches. If I was living alone again, I wouldn’t have any.

My neighbor, who lives alone (except for her two cats) has three! All up and running in a fairly small apartment. And I know a family of five who have six (one of which is humongous!) plus one of those theater setups with the roll-down screen. Just baffles me every time I think of it. Just because I can’t imagine doing that myself but to each their own.

We have two 32 inch HDTVs downstairs

in my room I’ve got a smaller HDTV and 3 tube TVs (for old videogames)

got another 3 small tube TVs in the attic. And two mediume sized tube TVs
You can’t get rid of them

You have 11 TVs in your house. That just seems excessive for some reason.