How many votes did Nader get?

This year the major news sources didn’t even put him on the board. How many votes did he get? I’ve tried the basic Google but am not coming up with much.

I found this California cite:

Amazing that anything more than a few dozen people would vote for Keyes or any of the other banana slugs.

Is there a cite that gives the official vote count?

657,389, though I assume the count is ongoing.

Wikipedia’s Entry on this year’s Election

Which amounts for almost precisely 1% of Obama’s take.

I find it just eternally amazing that you can find over half a million people to vote for Ralph Nader, even in a country with as many voters as the USA. It just blows my mind that even one out of every 200 people, no matter how stupid or cynical or crazy they might be, could actually stand in a voting booth and say “You know who’d be a great leader of the world’s most powerful nation? Ralph Nader. What we need in the White House is a really old, bitter jerk who did some stuff about making cars safer back in the 70s.”

Of course, I shouldn’t talk. The following parties all actually got votes - miniscule amounts, but some - in Canada’s recent federal election:

  • The Marxist-Leninist Party - 8753 votes
  • The Christian Heritage Party - 26722 votes
  • The Communist Party - 3639 votes
  • The Animal Alliance Environment Voters - 529 votes
  • The Canadian Action Party - 3508 votes
  • The “Neorhino” party - 2263 votes
  • The Radical Marijuana party (Pronounced “Radical Marijuana PAR-TAYYYYY!”) - 2319 votes
  • The First Peoples National Party - 1640 votes
  • The Work Less Party - 423 votes. Must not have campaigned hard enough.
  • The Newfoundland and Labrador First Party - 1801 votes

The list goes on. Ralph Nader might do well here.

Why the f*ck would a “Newfoundland and Labrador First Party” be running in a American presidential election?

How many votes did the late Pat Paulsen get I wonder…

Is that a whoosh? (a Newfoundland is a dog).
((and that list was referring to a Canadian election anyways))

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