How many wheels on a monorail? (Disney-type)

How many wheels are there on a Disney-type monorail?

I think there is a single drive tire on each end of each car, which come into contact with the TOP of the concrete rail, but I’m sure there are other guide wheels that ride on the sides of the track?

There are wheels on top of the tracks as well as on the sides. Depending on the monorail’s configuration, either or both may be powered wheels. I dunno about the specific setup of Disney’s monorail cars, though.

Would you believe, 54?

There are some good diagrams of all those wheels, too.

Car 54, where are you?


And please, oh, please, if you have any blueprint like drawings of the monorails at Disneyland please let me know. I am building a 1/2" scale model and would love to think that the SDMB has some info I haven’t found yet…