How many wipes is

When you take a poop… how many times do you normally have to wipe until you are completely clean? Believe it or not, I had this conversation with some friends the other day… and I found it fascinating that the females all said “once or twice, max” and the guys were more in the 6-10 range. It could be that the females are just eating twigs and berries, a la Ally McBeal. You have to wipe more than once, or else how do you know you’re clean - unless you were completely clean on the first wipe… yeah right, like that ever happens :slight_smile:

Obviously, the answer to this depends on whether you just squeezed out a solid brick, or squirted out the byproducts of a Taco Bell dinner. But on average, for a “normal” stool… how many wipes is typical? Does this really vary significantly between males and females?

hmm the topic I wrote was “how many wipes is normal?” but somehow the last word got cut off. odd. Oh well.

Define normal…

For me, the job ain’t done till the paper comes back as white as when it started “down the valley of brown”. and if that takes a half roll of toidey paper, so be it. :smiley:

The reason that the topic line was truncated is most likely that you used “double quotation marks” and then previewed. Ordinarily, I would fix it, except…

I’m closing this thread. Even if it weren’t incredibly inane, it’s still in the wrong forum. If you insist on asking how many times people typically wipe after a bowel movement, then you should ask in our forum “In My Humble Opinion”, dedicated to survey-type questions, among other things. I would very much recommend that you not ask it at all, however (see previous comment about inanity).