How Much Aftershave?

So, I’ve been wondering, when I shave, exactly how much aftershave am I supposed to use? I have this liquid stuff that comes in a big black bottle. Usually I shake some out onto my palm, slap it onto my face, then pad with a towell. I was wondering how much of the stuff you folks tend to use.

Usually about a teaspoon worth of aftershave lotion…

I use the Nivea aftershave lotion and maybe a quarter teaspoon of it. I’ve known too many people that overdo it so I’m slightly paranoid.

None. As Harborwolf suggests, find a face lotion and use it sparingly. 20 years from now, your face will thank you for having foresight.

From a woman’s point of view - and IMHO - less is better! Too much aftershave isnt at all attractive, just like too much perfume isn’t either.

A hint of a fragrance thats just a bit stronger (and warmer) the closer you are to it?..mmm…nice!


I can’t use aftershave. Rubbing anything into my face after shaving, no matter how soothing, just irritates my skin. I’m having very good luck just using a pre-shave.

This, of course, is with an electric razor.


I use a mild scented deoderant/antipersperant and leave it at that.

I’m allergic to some aftershaves and perfumes and dislike others, so I searched for one that I liked and could stand. When I finally found one, the first time I used it was at a party that a good friend was throwing… turns out she was allergic to it! Fortunatly I was one of the first to arrive so I took a quick shower and was dressed again before most of the other guests arrived.

I haven’t worn aftershave or cologne since.

I use an aftershave gel, not a liquid “splash”-type aftershave. I squeeze out a dime-sized blob and rub it into my face. A tiny amount is usually plenty, even for my massive melon of a head.

My preference would be none, just like perfume. It just smells fake and overpowering; the smell of soap or lotion is much nicer. I just found Almay clear UNSCENTED antiperspirant/deodorant gel and I’m in heaven!

Plus one of my friends has RADS so I try to remember that when grooming.

Less than that. No, less than that. Nope, less.

I don’t want to smell your aftershave until my face is in your neck, and then I’ve got other things on my mind anyway. Then it’s sexy.